Kenny Kindred

by Terry Watson | March 19th, 2020
Kenny Kindred

Kenny Kindred

Lakenneth Kindred (a.k.a) Kenny is a down south Louisiana born kid raised in Franklin Virginia by Valaida Benton and Gary Benton. He is a 2001 graduate of Franklin High School.

As a child and while growing up, Kenny was always into sports. He played basketball, football, and ran track in high school. After Franklin, he attended Saint Paul’s College to run track to further his education. After three years he left to start working at Newport News Shipyard and received his Apprentice Degree.

“I worked there for nine years and soon realized it wasn’t what I wanted to do or see myself having as a career,” he shares. He soon left. While at the shipyard, he started coaching as an assistant Junior Varsity Basketball Coach at Franklin High School. “Coaching and being around kids was like second nature to me.”
Kenny began coaching football and track in 2005. He currently coaches Football and Basketball at Franklin High School. He’s had the privilege of serving as a referee for 11 years with Virginia High School and five years with NCAA.

Besides coaching, Kenny has been able to launch and operate TaylorMade Fitness, a training gym for youth all the way up to seniors. TaylorMade Fitness offers a wide variety of options from group sessions, one on one sessions, Individual/Private training, Meal Plans, Meal Prep, Skill and Agility Training, Mobile Training, and a Silver Sneaker Program. They also offer Group Sessions and Drop-In sessions, Weekly Planned Groups, Special Event Grouping. These sessions are friendly, high energy workouts in a team environment.

The Individual/Private Training offers a safe and effective exercise program. TaylorMade just for you and your anticipated result. Their Meal Plans/Meal Prep are costumed made for a desired outcome for an individuals. Meal Prep is a TaylorMade prepared meal or meals that clients may purchase weekly.

Skill and Agility Training is often a great benefit for athletes looking to improve speed, power, coordination, and specific sports skills. Mobile Training is offered to those that may have limitations that do not allow them to make it to a traditional physical gym location.

While coaching football, Kenny started a little group called the “night crew” designed for those who seek to practice and workout at night. “It was a way to keep our eye on the young men while helping them become better athletes on the field. As time progressed, I fell in love with watching the body transform. From there I decided to open a training facility in my area and I started training people as a side hustle. My first client was my cousin and second client was Darneshia Jones. By word of mouth, my clientèle began to grow,” he shares.

Soon Kenny was informed about a Start Up Downtown Grant opportunity. He entered the competition and was blessed to win and receive a 20,000 grant to start a business in downtown Franklin.

Kenny says he loves being a business owner and the opportunity to help others. “I love to watch the body transform. I love meeting and engaging with a variety of people. I also love the impact that it has on the youth that I continue to work with and give a different option and outlet,” he says.

“My clients are what inspires me. Seeing someone that is tired of living an undesirable lifestyle and ready to move forward into becoming their best version of themselves. Coaching kids has changed me for the best and keeps me in touch with the community. One of my coaches told me as a man, the only thing you have is your name, and I want my name to have made a positive impact on those that I encounter. You never know who is looking up to you or who is watching you. I know that daily my niece Kennedy sees me, and I want to leave an extraordinary legacy for her. Only two things are definite. The day you are born and the day you leave here. In the process, I hope to help and change as many lives as I can in a positive manner.”

In any new business, there are some hurdles to jump through and overcome. For Kenny and TaylorMade getting clients to come in the door was an initial one. “In my case, people trusting me with their bodies and self-image is a big challenge. I’m a small gym in a town were there has never been anything besides the YMCA. I’m a first-time entrepreneur. We were told once you leave high school, go to college, the military, or get a job in my town that was International Papers. I can’t lie it was intimidating going into business not knowing the outcome. But I have had great support from family, friends and those supportive veteran business owners,” he says.

The blessing of being self employed is something Kenny cherishes. He also offers encouragement to other aspiring entrepreneurs. “If it’s something you are passionate about and love to do. You will put in more hours than you would working for someone else. When it’s your business, there is no clock out time and it will require some late nights and early mornings. There will be days when you feel like giving up and asking is it worth it. Your circle of friends and family will get smaller and they won’t understand your will and drive. Immerse yourself around people that have done it before and are willing to help you. Know that there will be mistakes but surround yourself with those who will inform you and not look down on you. Stay true to yourself and your God given talent,” he says.

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