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by Terry Watson | September 15th, 2020
Kevin Pickett (Photos by Still Shots Photography)

Kevin Pickett (Photos by Still Shots Photography)

If you’re an entrepreneur, you know the value of longevity. In these current days of uncertainty, and at the height of a financial crisis, businesses have had to unfortunately close their doors, unsure of where they’ll land.

Kevin Pickett, owner and operator of KLiP’s Barbershop in Greensboro, opened his doors in October, 2010, and hasn’t looked back. This year he’ll proudly celebrate his 10-year anniversary of serving the community that has faithfully supported him and his staff.

“I never really wanted to be a barber, but I’ve always wanted to earn my own money and control my own schedule. I also loved the idea of having cash money in my pocket everyday. I would soon realize that my gift was standing behind the chair. When I had my first child, it definitely pushed me to want to self employed even more,” says KP.

In 2004, KP researched various careers and decided that barbering would be a great fit for his goal of remaining independent. He completed barber school and began working at a shop he once frequented as a customer. Much of what he knows now, he learned from the more seasoned barbers in that shop, many of whom he’s still friends with today.

A year into his career, he moved to a shop owned by a friend and for the next four years, saved his money, perfected his craft, and devised a plan to open his own.

“One day I was just riding down the street and saw a vacant sign in a store window. It was a lottery and gaming store. I stopped, called the number, and quietly started the process to open my own barbershop,” KP explains.

While he and his family prepared the facility, KP continued to work and save in preparation of KLiP’s (Klean Lines and Pro styles) Barbershop, a name his older sister thought of as an ode to his initials KLP. As fate would have it, the shop he worked in would be closing within 30 days, the same time his shop was scheduled for a grand opening. Three barbers were able to make a home at KLiP’s and are still a part of the family today.

The Durham, NC native credits his family for being big supporters of his dream of entrepreneurship. He and his wife Nneka, also a business owner, have a blended family of three children who love the idea that their parents are constantly thinking of ways to increase their wealth and ownership. “My family gives me the energy to and motivation to keep going harder,” he says.
“We talk to the kids all the time about being business owners, but they also know it’s hard work so they have to prepare themselves. We still encourage them to do what they want even if it’s working a job.”

KP has faced a few challenges while being a business owner. One he says is the weight of the responsibilities such as being the leader and face of business. The current health pandemic, Covid 19 has slowed down business for a while, but following state guidelines and CDC recommendations, that has allowed them to open slowly and cautiously. Regular cleanings, temperature checks, and masks are all a part of his daily routine now. And he plans to do whatever it takes to allow his clients a safe return to what he refers to as ‘the country club’.

Moving forward, KP is looking forward to seeing the shop scene return to its old version of itself, but in a new and improved way. “Men use barbershops as a private space where they can talk, laugh, do business, and where they just feel comfortable. I want that again,” says KP. He also preparing himself and KLiP’s for another 10 years and has plans to upgrade the equipment at the shop. He also desires to become more involved with his community and give back. “We will continue to provide the same level of superior customer service that allowed us to last this long,” he says.

For now, Pickett plans to have a low-key 10 year celebration with the seven other barbers that work at KLiP’s. Facilitating a fishing trip, a small cookout, or just an easy night out for a drink, toasting to the success of KLiP’s thus far, is enough for him.

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