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by Tonya Dixon | January 9th, 2013
K&F Custom Car Detail (photos by Perfect Lenz Photography)

K&F Custom Car Detail (photos by Perfect Lenz Photography)

Jerris Fullwood has been happily washing, waxing and detailing automobiles of all types since he was at least 10 or 12 years old. He didn’t just develop a love for cars, but a passion to see a sleek and clean vehicle. There’s an old wise tale that says a clean car drives better. He can’t rightfully attest to its truthful nature but he surely knows what it requires and if a clean car really does drive better, then those serviced by K&F Enterprises surely operate at optimum performance.

K&F Custom Car Detail is a successful detailing company. The company’s name includes the two partners Jason Keith (hence the “K”) and Jerris Fullwood (hence the “F”). For approximately four years the company has been serving the Greater Triad area.

Born and raised in a small town near Wilmington, N.C., Fullwood would much rather let the business speak for itself. K& F believes it’s about the customers being completely satisfied. It is their desire to meet and exceed every customer’s expectation. This is what they believe makes the company stand-out from all the rest. Fullwood admits it’s no secret that there are many other companies and businesses offering the same services however, he believes that K&F has the drive, resources and know how to go the extra mile leaving inevitable lasting impression. This ultimately transforms one time customers into continual clients.

“We stand out from the others. Image and appearance really make a big difference,” says Fullwood. Although his humility is refreshing, truthfully, he and his partner don’t have to “act like” they know what they are doing when in fact they are fully cognizant of everything associated with the business and do “know” what they are doing. The intuitive and shrewd businessmen are highly qualified to handle the business as well as the service aspects. The partners have learned that developing and maintaining a successful business does not have to be complicated. Sure there are many variables involved, but both agree the most important aspect to master is fulfilling customer satisfaction.

“If you go to other places, they are going to wash your car, a couple of guys will dry it, vacuum it, spray on tire shine and send you on your way,” says Fullwood. “We take it much further.”

The burgeoning company maintains a central location in Greensboro, N.C. where customers can come, drop off their vehicle to be serviced or wait in a comfortable and attractive setting. The company also manages three mobile units equipped to handle any and every service call, including pressure washing. Their mobility allows K&F to be versatile and flexible for clients who require them to be.

The fully insured company, with eight full time employees is capable and trained to handle high and low volume, and commercial and residential service calls. K&F Enterprises already boasts an impressive resume lined with all manner of contracts. Whether it’s a car, truck, boat, recreational vehicle or house, K&F Enterprises is able to meet every clients’ need.

Everything the company does is to benefit the customer making their experience convenient and comfortable as possible. A Shuttle van, pick-up and delivery are all premium services offered to customers at no additional charge. However for the customer who chooses to visit the central location in Greensboro will be meet with a warm, professional lobby to wait while the car is quickly serviced. All forms of payments are accepted at the central location. As an added option customers can now book appointments and pay online using pay-pal through the company’s website www.kfenterprisesinc.com.

It’s not by mere happen stance that the business is consistently and continually thriving. Fullwood adamantly gives all credit to God for blessing the business. Accordingly he dare not exclude his wife and children who he says “put up” with his incessant strive toward perfection and growth. The company’s growth is also a testament to the savvy business partners and their willingness to defer to one another. “We complement each other. I can’t say I could do this all by myself and I don’t think he could do it all by himself,” says Fullwood.

Moving forward the future looks extremely bright for K&F Enterprises. Fullwood says they are always working toward improving their customer satisfaction with additional triad locations, competitive pricing and additional services such as landscaping and towing. The company’s growth is a testament to the hard work and dedication of its businesses partners Jason Keith and Jerris Fullwood, and its employees. If what’s to come even remotely resembles what has been, K&F Enterprises will most definitely speak volumes. Stop by K&F Custom Car Detail today and allow them to give your vehicle a professional detail that both you and your vehicle will appreciate.

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