Kid Fit For Life Youth Obesity Initiative

by Terry Watson | May 5th, 2011
Sonya Nicole Wagstaff

Founder Sonya Nicole Wagstaff (Photo by Sony Wagstaff)

The Kid Fit For Life Youth Obesity Initiative was inspired by First Lady Michelle Obama and her Let’s Move campaign to combat childhood obesity in North Carolina. The organization was started by Sonya Nicole Wagstaff in Winston Salem and she designed the program to promote healthy lifestyles that include physical activity and nutritional education. The program also offers parental involvement in learning hands-on experience in changing lifestyles. Students in elementary, middle and high school benefit from a six week training program that focuses on fitness assessments, fitness classes, group exercise classes, personal training and nutritional education classes facilitated by licensed professional staff.

During the first six week session, students were taught about calorie counting from the food pyramid by Elaine Mayhew, an executive professional chef. She demonstrated a healthy smorgasbord of peanut butter, celery, yogurt, strawberries, grapes and apples. Students were educated by Carla Farmer and Ms. Laurie on the correlation of fitness and academics and the effects of being overweight.
Fitness and group exercise classes taught during the first session included kid friendly fit ball, boot camp, hula hoops, jump roping, strength and conditioning, water aerobics and cycling. Participants also increased their motivation and metabolism on cardiovascular machines like the treadmill, elliptical and recumbent bikes.

With the help of lead volunteer Sophia Kennedy, Kit Fit For Life is transitioning into becoming bigger and better. Students can expect to participate in community wide youth health fairs, isolated health screenings by professional doctors, enriched cultural experiences with a more diverse student roster, more rigorous fitness regime, guest visits by nutrition store owners demonstrating healthy options and field trips.

Wagstaff’s educational accomplishments includes an associate’s degree in computer electronics technology, a bachelor’s degree in management information systems. She is also a candidate for the master of art’s in teaching special education at Winston-Salem State University and transitioning into doctoral studies. She is also a licensed K-12 special educator and holds a small business training

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