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Dr. Marrissa Dick | March 19th, 2020
Dr. Olukayode Oluseun Onasanya (Photos by JLG Photography)

Dr. Olukayode Oluseun Onasanya (Photos by JLG Photography)

From a less than a middle class Nigerian home, father and mother, both teachers who constantly fed into the consciousness of their seven children, that with education, one can stand shoulder to shoulder with the tallest man in the world, seat and dine with the Presidents and the mighty, walk with one’s head high, comes Dr. Olukayode Oluseun Onasanya.

That teaching among other factors, resonated in him and kept him motivated to be the best husband, father and a Physician Neurologist he can ever be. His journey to becoming a doctor has a tumultuous beginning.

Dr. Onasanya shares, “I am from Nigeria and when I was seven years of age, there was an outbreak of pneumonia in my village. Many people with dying from that outbreak. I became afflicted with pneumonia also, suffering from double pneumonia. I was hospitalized in the only local hospital for treatment. The hospital was an open ward, with each bed partition from the other with a curtain. Apparently, I had been unconscious for three days while receiving treatment still. I regain consciousness by the end of the third day and all I was hearing was my mother screaming with excitement, ‘he is awake, he is awake’, and I saw a young doctor in immaculate white ward coat walked over and leaned over me, listening to my chest with his stethoscope. He was the only doctor in the village hospital, and he had just saved my life. Right then, I decided I would be a physician, so I could be like that young doctor who saved my life. And years later, here I am, a Neurologist.”

At the tender age of seven, he was astute enough to understand the academic rigors and financial challenges facing him, but he was determined that those trials will not define his future. He started his medical education in Nigeria but the catalyst for his passion in neurology again came from him experiencing another hardship. Again, he shares, “my grandfather came to live with us after my grandmother died. We were preparing to have dinner one evening when my grandfather decided to use the bathroom. He went in but did not come out within the expected time frame. So, my father asked me to go and check on him. I knocked on the door, but he did not answer. We had to break the door open only to find him on the floor, unconscious with blood around his head. There was a crack in his skull. We presumed, he fell and hit his head causing the skull fracture. I ran to the nearest hospital, a privately owned one, hoping to get the doctor to come with me to see him. There is nothing like 911 in my country. I explained the situation to the doctor, but he would not come to see him. Instead, he advised me my grandfather was an old man and that we should watch him overnight and bring him to the hospital if he was alive by the following day. I came back home disappointed and crying. He was my grandfather and he dotted on me as his first grandson. Well of course, he did not make it to the following morning. We sat around him as he struggled painfully with death. I observed he was moving one side of his body, more than the other side. He died right in front of us, my father, mother and siblings. We later learned that he suffered a stroke, fell and hit his head while falling. That he suffered a stroke triggered my interest in Neurology and informed my decision to becoming a Neurologist”.

Equipped with encouragement from his academic loving parents, he set his mind on becoming a Neurologist. He had his medical education in Nigeria and was the best graduating student of his class. He met his beautiful wife, Olushanu Onasanya shortly after graduating from medical school. Like the saying “behind every successful man, is a woman”, Dr. Onasanya’s success story is not complete without his wife’s contribution. She has been very supportive and has played a significant role in their journey from Nigeria to America. They are blessed with three children.

Dr. Onasanya is aware that his neurological skillset in headaches, dementia, peripheral neuropathy, strokes, multiple sclerosis, myasthenia gravis, epilepsy, and seizure disorders is needed in Greensboro as well as the surrounding Triad area. He also knows that his practice can meet the needs of the person who is seeking individualized quality neurological care without having to wait several months for a doctor’s visit. With Kiings Neurological Care having state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment in neurology, Dr. Onasanya can provide his patience with the latest nuances in neurological research while holding true to his mantra, “Our Commitment, Your Outstanding Care, ….Always.”

Dr. Onasanya believes that people want to know that their physician has a vested stake in their recovery. He shares, “I started my own practice because I realized the system was pressuring doctors to see a certain number of patients by the end of the day and that never set well with me. That means you must meet a quota and you cannot spend any time really getting to know your patients. You’re in the room then you’re out. I wanted to be able to take my time and develop a one-on-one relationship with my patients. I wanted to know my patient’s names and I wanted them to learn how to pronounce mine. I believe that anyone who comes to see me will be more than satisfied with their care because I treat my patients very well. I believe people want doctors to speak with them and not at them. I believe people really want to be a part of their healing process.”

Dr. Onasanya is proud of the fact that he has his own practice where he is not on a time clock; instead, he can concentrate on delivering superior neurological care which incorporates his empathic personality into every facet of his medical practice.

Dr. Onasanya takes great pride in his humble family upbringing and recognizes that his life experiences have been the catalyst for his interest as a neurologist. He is also grateful for the medical training he received from some of the top-notch educational institutions and medical facilities in the United States. Dr. Onasanya performed his general neurology training at the New Jersey Neuroscience Institute. He then received specialized training at the prestigious Hospital for Special Studies Surgery at Weill Cornel Medical College (Cornel University) in Neuromuscular and Electrodiagnostic Medicine with a specialization in Peripheral Nerve Conduction Studies and Electromyography (EMG/NCS). As a skilled neurologist, Dr. Onasanya is board certified in Neurology, Neuromuscular Medicine, and Electrodiagnostic Medicine.

Kiings Neurological Care opened their doors in January 2017 and some of his former patients have been the first to cross the threshold of his practice. He attributes their loyalty to his individualized care and his neurological expertise. Dr. Onasanya says, “I love to see my former patients. Sometimes I cannot believe they found me but that’s because of the relationships that I’ve developed with them and the care they receive from me. I can truly say that patients are not going to be disappointed when they come here. The staff is very professional and courteous, and we offer a family environment here.”

Though the practice is geared for the adult in need of neurological services, Dr. Onasanya will accommodate selected pediatric patients from 15 through 17 years of age.

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