Kim Alexander

Arielle Kilgore | September 20th, 2021
Kim Alexander

Kim Alexander

Often times there isn’t much that can be done to prevent a miscarriage from happening, but have we ever considered how women and families are to recover from such loss? According to the US nonprofit “March of Dimes”, approximately 10-15% of detected pregnancies end in miscarriage, and about 1 in 100 women experience repeat miscarriages. March of Dimes is an organization committed to the work of improving maternal and infant health.

Kim Alexander has positioned herself to answer this question. She is the founder of A Mother’s Luv Inc., a nonprofit organization that supports women and couples who have suffered a miscarriage.

Born and raised in Milwaukee, WI, Kim understood early on that her calling would be to help people. With aspirations of becoming an attorney, she attended Xavier University in New Orleans, LA, and studied political science. After deciding to continue her education, she returned home to Wisconsin to receive her master’s degree from Marquette University in Public Service and Administration of Justice. Kim is also a very proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc and has been for the last 15 years.

Ultimately her career goals shifted, and Kim went on to become a law enforcement officer. She truly loves what she does and feels honored to be able to protect and serve the people in the city of Milwaukee and all over the world.

It brings Kim great joy to help others, and she knows firsthand how emotionally challenging it can be to experience a miscarriage. “My husband and I had no idea that we would have a hard time growing our family, nor suffer numerous miscarriages. However, after several miscarriages. This devastation revealed something to us that was missing from the health industry; there was nothing given to women to help start their journey of healing,” she says.

In 2018, after suffering the loss of her twins due to a miscarriage, she began to question why weren’t there any support resources offered for people experiencing this? That thought brewed in her mind for about two years until 2020, when she suffered another miscarriage and sadly lost her son. Despite her pain, she knew that something needed to be done. She refocused her energy on creating a nonprofit that would help women cope with this kind of loss and provide information for those who were uninformed on miscarriages. Thus, A Mother’s Luve Inc.

Kim launched A Mother’s Luv Inc. in June 2020. This nonprofit organization’s work is centered around donating homemade care packages to local Milwaukee hospitals for women and families who have experienced a miscarriage. Each care package is full of self-healing products, including aromatherapies, candles, and spiritual and self-help books.

In addition to the nonprofit, Kim has started her own podcast, also titled “A Mother’s Luv” after her organization. The first episode of the podcast discusses a deeper look into her personal journey dealing with miscarriage. the subsequent episodes discuss other women’s journey of loss, mental health post-miscarriage, the benefits of having a Doula during and after pregnancy. Coming in September is an episode featuring Dr. Nicole Plenty discussing miscarriages and Maternal Mortality.

Kim is no stranger to resilience, and this is a testament to her support system. When asked what inspires her, she answers, “My family. I have a great support system behind A Mother’s Luv. I may be the face of it, but behind the scenes, my husband does it all. Whether he’s editing podcast episodes or making my flyers, he continues to motivate me and cheer me on.” She also says that her mother is another source of inspiration, “My mom is the definition of a mother’s love, her wisdom, her prayer, her strength is incredible. Although all her children are adults, she still finds time to do her motherly duties. She inspires me the most.”

The part that Kim says she enjoys the most from her nonprofit work is the feedback that she receives from hospital workers who see first-hand the impact of these care packages. “When I donate these packages to the local hospitals, some of the nurses are saying that this is a great thing to be able to give to the women who do miscarry and a great way to support the fathers as well.”

A word of advice that Kim would offer to anyone who may be dealing with infertility is to never give up. She says to “keep your faith in God” despite how hard things may get to “trust the process”. She encourages women to do whatever is necessary to keep their spirits lifted and cast out any negativity that may try to sneak its way in.

A Mother’s Luv Inc. is looking to expand its outreach by the top of next year to serve the local hospitals of Milwaukee and branch out through the entire state of Wisconsin. Eventually, Kim hopes to see her organization in hospitals throughout the country. Another goal she has set is to start a conference regarding miscarriage and infertility to provide information and necessary resources to those in need.


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