Kindall Bundy and Paint & Juice

Kindall Bundy | November 16th, 2017
(Photos by Kindall Bundy)

(Photos by Kindall Bundy)

Kindall Mercedes Bundy grew up in the Art World and became enamored with arts and crafts by watching her step-father, a well-known artist, Anthony Armstrong. Sitting in his studio on hot summer days and admiring each stroke of his pencil as it hit the canvas led her to be intrigued with drawing and painting. Kindall continued to draw in her spare time but was prompted by her mother, Kimberly Bundy to focus on her academic studies.

A need for social growth led her to volunteering with foster agencies at the young age of 15. As Kindall continued to advance into higher education and life had its way, she grew a passion for helping others. Kindall was determined to be successful at whatever she chose to do. However, never letting go of her passion for art, she attended Virginia Union University in 2002 and studied Criminal Justice. Graduating in 2006 with honors and a job in hand, she was destined for greatness but that was not enough.

Something was missing and she was sure to keep going until she found it. Seven years and several careers later in the Human Services field, Kindall found herself still drawing as a hobby. She obtained her Master’s Degree in Business from Stratford University, graduating Valedictorian in March of 2017. She is currently enrolled in a PhD program with a concentration in Global Leadership at Capella University.

Following graduation from Stratford, she opened the company known to Richmond families as “Paint & Juice”. Taking her years of drawing and painting skills developed and applied them to her passion for people and business. This milestone afforded Kindall the opportunity to create a custom painting experience tailored to the client’s needs for children and family entertainment purposes. Kindall encourages the strengthening of families and has created this company to focus on affordable crafting activities for all families. Kindall continues to volunteer within her community and encourages all participants of Paint & Juice to volunteer as much as desired.

Paint & Juice creates an atmosphere that encourages positive growth for all ages, individuals and families. Painting is a way for individuals, families and organizations to do many important things such as convey ideas, express emotion, use their senses, explore color, explore process and outcomes, and create aesthetically pleasing works and experiences.

Kindall’s goal for “Paint & Juice” is to continue to innovate and create opprotunities for families to grow academically, creatively and personally. At Paint & Juice, Kindall does not encourage perfection but she pushes for freedom of expression and giving youth and families the motivation needed to ask “What’s Next” and Paint & Juice strives to always have an answer that meets the customer needs.

Kindall’s quote for business success is “When you do good business, people tell a few, when you do bad business they tell a lot of people but when you are the business, everyone can see it for themselves and become intrigued to learn more”.

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