King Roy Hampton: God, Faith & Family

by Tonya Dixon | January 9th, 2015

King Roy Hampton

The acronym GFF stands for God Faith Family and it’s the brainchild of King Roy Hampton. To be more specific it’s his baby and he’s grooming it to become a world-changing empire.

GFF is the name of Hampton’s own clothing and apparel line. The line features something for everyone from babies to men and women. It crosses color lines and cultures. Everything is included. There are t-shirts, sweat pants and shirts, polo shirts and more. And the audience is expanding from the United States to as far away as London, England. According to Hampton, it’s not just a brand. It’s a way of life.

“I wanted to do something that was true to me and what I’m all about. God, faith and family is what’s most important to me,” KingRoy says. “I would always say GFF in social media updates or whatever I said I would follow it with GFF. People would question it. Some probably thought I was representing a gang or my hometown, but I would tell them it stood for God, Faith and Family and everyone really liked it.”

Hampton’s vision for GFF runs as far back as his days as a stand-out high school athlete. He was a basketball star at Reynolds High School in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and even then he had an idea to run his own clothing line. Upon graduating college his desire continued to grow. He may have been unsure of whether he could actually do anything to make it happen, but he was absolutely certain of one thing. He didn’t want to spend the rest of his life punching a clock on a 9 to 5 pulling in 40 hours a week working for someone else.

On October 11, 2011, Hampton says God woke him from a dream and led him to a store to purchase a sketch book and some pencils. He knew it was time to put some work behind his dream and actually do something; anything to make it happen. “I didn’t know how to draw. I had never drawn anything, but I started sketching out a few things and doing what I could,” Hampton says. “I reached out to a few people in the fashion industry just to get a few ideas. I didn’t even know what it would take to be in the fashion world, but I knew I had to do something and it had to be something that truly represented me.”

After tons of research, making phone calls, lots of sketches and even eliciting the help of his best friend, Joshua (who is also the president of the brand), Hampton was able to start producing t-shirts. The t-shirts have grown into the full-fledged GFF brand. Hampton likes to call it a brand over just a clothing line, because he sees it moving beyond the fashion world and plans on expanding into more areas. He envisions GFF in the music and movie business and even as a launching platform for other businesses.

The one thing KingRoy wants to do is remain relevant and applicable to a worldwide population. To him it’s not about jumping on the next bandwagon or the latest fad, rather Hampton wants to establish a brand that stands the test of time and stands for something positive. Of course he still does his homework to see what people are wearing and what type of clothing they want, and he even welcomes the constructive opinions of other people, but when it comes down to the bottom line he remains committed to staying true to the brand. Apparently, the hard work that he is putting in is well worth every ounce of effort. Hampton says, much to his amazement, whenever he wears some of his apparel people always stop him and inquire of the pieces.

roy 1Additionally, GFF social media profiles have significant followings around the world. Nevertheless, Hampton says he wants people to get to know him and the type of business man that he has become. He believes if people recognize his work effort and the quality behind the brand then they will further appreciate everything that the brand produces. “People that follow me on social media get to know me, so they buy into the brand. GFF needs no selling at all. It’s either a part of your life or it isn’t,” he says. “Although the focus is, and always will be faith, it’s not just a Christian brand. I want to reach people who don’t go to church, may not be church inclined or church educated. It’s for everybody. It’s urban. It’s professional. It’s playful. It’s everything for everybody. It means everything to me and possibly to you too, so why not wear it?”

Hampton’s brand is just as unique as his name, KingRoy. Although it isn’t his given name it will soon be his officially recognized name. It’s not a sign of arrogance, rather it’s a sign of the position he believes God has attributed to not only himself, but everyone else as well. He says, God has called us kings and queens so why not act like one. Growing up Hampton never cared very much for his name—Roy. He discovered through a class assignment that it meant King, so from that point on he was determined to be called KingRoy. Although, it often got him in a bit of trouble in school, he was committed to the name and eventually everyone else respected his wishes and followed suit. It’s just another example of Hampton’s drive and resolution to accomplish whatever he sets his mind to do. GFF is no different. The grind is often difficult and tiring, but he knows he has the right formula he just has to continue to put the right puzzle pieces together.

Photos by Terrius Mykel Photography

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