Kocysha LaShaun

by Terry Watson | March 22nd, 2021
Kocysha LaShaun (Photos by Randall Leee)

Kocysha LaShaun (Photos by Randall Lee)

It all begins with having a genuine love and concern for others. By doing so, the purest form of God’s love is expressed and perpetuated. This accurately describes the life of Kocysha LaShaun.

Born and raised in West Helena, AR, Kocysha is the founder of Be Accelerated into Purpose, LLC. In this role, she serves as a Writing Coach, Editor, and Self-Publishing Consultant. She is also the overseer of Humbled by His Grace Ministries, a teaching and coaching ministry. She serves as a Teacher of Spiritual Growth and Development and a Spiritual Mindset Coach to help men overcome mental blocks that lead to feelings of frustration and defeat. Once these obstacles are conquered, Kocysha believes men are able to walk in their purpose with confidence, power, and humility.

Naturally, Kocysha is a writer. Like most writers, it began in the imaginative mind of a young girl, who possessed the ability to see beyond the realms of her reality. “As a little girl, I began writing in the form of poetry, more so as an outlet for frustration. I never expected to be an author. That happened as a result of a job loss when God began downloading messages to me for a book,” she says.

She is the author of three books and co-author in three anthologies. Her first book was Humbled by His Grace, originally written in 2013, but re-published in 2018. In the same year, she wrote another book as part of the See Self as God Sees mini-book series titled, Out of The Darkness and Into the Light. That one, Kocysha shares, was difficult to write. “This was the book that would tell what was meant to be written in my first book. This was the book I had to write to begin my own purpose walk with confidence,” she says. “It was difficult because it meant sharing pieces of me that I’d hidden for so long behind closed doors, out of fear of being misunderstood and judged while outwardly portraying a spiritual persona that involved encouraging others to be and do better.
Some of her accolades include Coaching Certifications from Transformation Academy for CBT, REBT, and Spiritual Coaching, as well as Relationship Workshop Facilitator and Public Speaker Training and Workshop Facilitator. She is also a former Personal Development Writer for Success Profiles Magazine.

Kocysha is innately an encourager, giver, and teacher. She is passionate about helping others rise out of their pits of darkness, while also addressing faulty belief systems and addictive behaviors. This helps them become unstuck so they can move forward in their purpose. This passion has extended into her writings, and as an author she uses her platform to teach the importance of self-reflection and the love and grace of God.

Much like those she serves, Kocysha has had to deal with her own dark pits and addictive behaviors. Parts of her testimony are shared in her books. In short, she was a young girl who lost her virginity at the age of 13, which led to sex addiction in many forms lasting for over 20 years. “There was a struggle with people-pleasing and co-dependency on others to validate my existence and worth. While encouraging, uplifting, and teaching others in the public, I was suffering behind closed doors battling my own demons. Then one Sunday in late 2017, a pastor asked the question, ‘Are you seeing yourself as God sees you?’ That question convicted me so that it literally changed the trajectory of my life. That’s when my own process of being accelerated into purpose began. The process has not always been easy, but more than anything it’s been one of great humility,” Kocysha shares.

Although it was God that saw her through different trials, she wouldn’t be the person she is today were it not for the testimonies of others. “I can’t pinpoint one person who’s impacted my life the most because it’s a combination of stories from those who have bounced back from different setbacks in life. Losing my job as an instructor was the situation that impacted my life the most. It was devastating to my pride, but were it not for that, I’m sure things would have turned out completely different. That job loss led to me building a free-lance business as a self-taught transcriptionist and virtual assistant, and now as an author and coach,” she says. The one constant was the ever-present hand of God planted right in the middle of everything.

For those aspiring to write, Kocysha shares, “Knowing your who and why is most important for the writing process and helps as well with the marketing and promotion process. Create an outline of chapter titles and topics before writing your content. This will help with structure and organization. It will also save you a lot of time and money when it comes to choosing an editor or publisher.”

On March 12, Kocysha released her 7th book titled, From the Heart of God to the Hearts of Men. On June 12, she will be joining the Fair Consulting Group as a speaker for the Leadership Experience Tour in Troy, MI. Over the next few months, she’s scheduled for several podcast interviews while continuing to establish her ministry.

When not writing, Kocysha can be found enjoying the simple life. Her hobbies are reading, listening to praise and worship music, and painting. To learn more about Kocysha and to purchase copies of her books, please visit her website.

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