L Michelle Jewell

Fanta Dorley | March 22nd, 2021
L Michelle Jewell (Photos by Todd Youngblood)

L Michelle Jewell (Photos by Todd Youngblood)

Entrepreneur, Entrepreneur Consultant, multi-level marketer, radio show host, author of three collaboration book projects, and motivational speaker. These are some of the ways to describe L. Michelle aka Lynnette M. Jewell. If you allow her input, she will say she’s a diamond in the rough and is taking the nation by storm with priceless, and purposeful precision.

As the founder and CEO of L Michelle Enterprises, she has a philanthropic soul and finds ways to give back to her community through a personal community organization she helped organize. Her organization assists with daycare and afterschool assistance, and partners with another organization called HOPE for Humanity. She also serves on their Board of Directors.

Born in the suburbs of Southern Maryland near the outskirts of Washington DC, L. Michelle is no stranger to hard work. Having a mother who was a teacher, and a father that was a business owner, learned how to be a boss at a young age. “Being a teacher’s child, I always had to work hard in school. Yet, I still found time to get into mischief with my family and friends,” she says.

Even though she is an only child, being surrounded by that village motivated and shaped her. “Grandma taught me how to love and make sure nobody wanted for nothing,” she says. “Everyone in the family had their area of expertise and learned from each other. “Others learned from watching my dad, how to start and run their own business.” This is where the entrepreneurial spirit was planted into her mind, beginning with buying penny candy, packaging it together and selling it to school mates.

As she progressed in life, she realized there wasn’t much that motivated her or inspired her to do better. She wanted more, and the only way to get it was to go get it. So, she prepared for greater and headed south to the Queen city of Charlotte, NC.

In Charlotte, she began to explore newfound passions in her life. “The move opened new doors in my life and gave me a newfound purpose,” she shares. “I have always been a leader since I was a child. I was president and founder of my own motorcycle club called, Beltway Ryderz MC (2007-2012).” She is an active member of The Order of Eastern Star and two other organizations within and has participated in many talk shows and more.

As her new life was still unraveling, Lynnette searched for additional avenues for personal growth. One that she emphatically ruled out was being a teacher, just as her mother was. “I could not be a teacher at all. I saw all that my mom went through and even helped her out with her class a couple of times. I would not be able to take it,” she says. It made more sense for her to get involved with communications, because broadcasting was in her blood by way of father. He worked with people like Cathy Hughes, Founder of WOL 1450 am Radio Station in Washington, DC and Petey Greene, of which allowed her to meet many other great pioneers of the broadcasting industry around the Washington, DC Metropolitan area. These experiences inspired her to start her own radio show: The L. Michelle Show.

Launched in 2016, the show shines a spotlight on people making a difference in their community and changing lives while doing so. L Michelle strives to include meaningful and relatable guests. “You never know who is watching. The information that is shared can potentially add great value in the lives of our audience.”

While she has enjoyed the thrills of entrepreneurship, it hasn’t come without hardships. “There was a point in which after a divorce and losing my house because of a so-called good friend that scammed us, I battled with the thoughts of suicide, anxiety, and the feeling of not being accepted. The struggle was real. I went into a great depression for about two weeks while going through my divorce. These dark times were not going to be a permanent place for me, mainly because I knew that something greater was inside of me, and because of my steadfast belief in God. Once I took the time to pray and ask for direction, God showed me a glimpse of what he had in store. While I was sitting down by the water thinking about riding my motorcycle off into the water. But the pressure from the divorce, family, and the motorcycle community was just too much to bare until I got up and heard God’s voice very clearly. That’s the day I decided to live and give God all the Glory,” she says. Introducing L Michelle, the author.

Her next book was called, “I Am A Survivor: From Tragedy To Triumph”. In this production, L. Michelle recalls major points of her story in which she was abused, and other times when she was the abuser. From that lesson, she has encouraged many people to seek help and simply talk about it. “This is what really starts the healing process. Being a survivor is not a bad thing, not admitting that you are a survivor is what’s bad,” she says. The follow-up book to this one is called, “Wake Up Winning: No Matter What”. This book provides affirmation and motivation to be your best self. “’I Believe is all the affirmation you need to get you started,” she says. All of her writings and books can be purchased directly from her website.

L Michelle is a strong believer in the passages that iron sharpening iron. She also believes in being a constant student and personal development. “Look at the gaps in your fingers. That should remind you that you should always be open to learning. A former teacher, Ms. Mclean always told me, “Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do anything”. Until this day, I keep that advice to the forefront of my mind,” she says.

When asked about what advice she would give others who may be struggling to find their place in life, she mentioned the following. “Life is a puzzle, and we are still trying to fit in. If you are like you, you will fit in. Find something that relaxes you and relieves stress. If God told you something, make sure to write and say it. It was one of the best things you’ll ever hear. If you don’t believe in something, you won’t believe in anything. If you cannot look at yourself in the mirror, there is something wrong. And finally, you must be able to encourage yourself.” Keep an eye out for this world changer as she continues with her next book that is based on the biblical scripture, Psalm 56:1-13 is based on my life.”

Her aim is to write what heals her and helps others.

Moving forward, her focus will be on rebranding The L Michelle Show and sowing seeds in other people’s lives. She also plans to establish her own publishing company and encourage others to write their own story. “Everyone should have a book. Everyone has a story that should be told. If not for you, then it is for someone’s healing.”

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