Labor of Love

by Terry Watson | November 4th, 2010
Roxie Elliot

Roxie Elliot (Photo by Mykel Media Company)

God makes the impossible, possible ― this is how Designs by Roxie was birthed according to owner/stylist Roxie Elliott. She states that her childhood dream to become a professional hairstylist only happened by the grace of God. She also says that with God’s guidance she has withstood everything and prospered while doing so.

Elliott recalls the moments when she would style her Barbie doll’s hair. When she was older she was blessed with the Barbie head that had more hair. This is when she knew that she wanted to style hair for a living Roxie says.

After graduating from high school, Elliott intended to enroll in beauty school. This plan was interrupted by the birth of her son. She enrolled in Leon’s Beauty School and subsequently obtained a job at St. Center Beautyrama in Greensboro.

As the years passed Elliott migrated from the field of hairstyling and landed a position with the Aetna insurance company. “I let my passion die down, but I didn’t give up,” says Elliot. While at Aetna she began a mission to renew her cosmetology license.

Elliott says that God blessed her and allowed her to cross paths with influential individuals that sowed into her life, and encouraged her to pursue her dream at full force.

In 2008, she says she was torn between the idea of working in someone else’s salon or opening one in her home. She decided on her home but was faced with financial challenges for equipment ― dryers and chairs. “I did not have thousands of dollars but God in all His awesomeness blessed me and furnished my salon fully with only one hundred dollars,” Elliott explains.

“There have been times that I wanted to quit and give up, but could not. God is truly my inspiration and I had to remind myself that He would not give me these gifts and talents and not allow me to continue to develop and use them,” says Elliott.

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