Lady E Specs

Ayana Bryant | May 21st, 2021
Dr. Erika Hendrix (Photos by Jarvis Harris)

Dr. Erika Hendrix (Photos by Jarvis Harris)

Lady E Specs is the newest signature brand of eyewear to emerge out of Greensboro, NC. Dr. Erika Hendrix, a Greensboro native and minister, developed this eyewear line to provide her community with colorful and daring frames to fit any occasion.

After surviving three strokes that impaired her ability to wear contacts, Dr. Hendrix grew interest in wearing unique glasses that fit her personality eventually leading to the birth of Lady E Specs.

During her 20’s, Dr. Hendrix enjoyed wearing simple reading glasses but as the years passed her eyes became weaker and she eventually needed prescription glasses. She opted to wear contacts instead, and thoroughly enjoyed wearing them but after suffering a stroke she began to experience chronic dryness in her eyes. This made it impossible for her to continue wearing contacts. However, now it allowed her the opportunity to truly invest in the eyewear that she now wears. She utilized this opportunity to be more expressive in the eyewear that she chose and began purchasing her frames from a local eyewear entrepreneur J. Franklin (IG: @j.franklin_woodyou).

Dr. Hendrix fell in love with his designs, even more she liked that she was able to customize all her glasses. She would have him engrave “Lady E” into every pair of frames that she purchased so that they would be personalized specifically to her. After frequently purchasing frames and becoming more acquainted with J. Franklin and his company, she learned that he also worked as an eyewear manufacturer. One day he suggested that she should start her own eyewear line because of her distinct taste and many connections through her work and ministry.

After taking some time to consider the idea Dr. Hendrix was convinced and decided to move forward with the new opportunity. The name came to her quickly as she remembered that “Lady E” was engraved into each of her frames, so Lady E Specs seemed to be the most fitting. The time to develop the eyewear line took from October 2020 to February 2021 which is when the company initially launched. Due to the pandemic, Dr. Hendrix moved forward with a virtual launch, proving to be a smart decision because of the influx of online shopping taking place during the lockdown. The line launched featuring eight stylish designs in acetate and wooden materials.

Dr. Hendrix’s eyewear features customization for each of the Divine 9 fraternities and sororities as well as a featured “Aggie Blue” frame to celebrate her HBCU alma mater, North Carolina A&T State University located in Greensboro, NC. All but two of Lady E Specs designs are unisex, so there are selections for any and everyone. The average cost for a pair of acetate frames from Lady E Specs will range from $95-$110 and the custom wooden frames begin at $250. Lady E Specs also accepts FSA and HSA flex spending funds from your employer as a form of payment. The next launch is scheduled to debut in June of 2021 and will feature a selection for kids.

Dr. Hendrix is an all-around businesswoman serving her community in the role of executive pastor of her church, Overcoming Deliverance Center, running multiple businesses including a mental health agency, a group home, a juice bar, and Lady E Specs, as well as publishing a book! When asked what inspires her as an entrepreneur, she says that she finds inspiration in the response that she gets from those she has impacted. Effortlessly, she represents the true definition of a humble servant, as she enjoys helping people and seeing them transform into a better version of themselves.

Maintaining a close-knit group of friends is something she values and finds inspiration in. “Coming from a household with being the only girl among all boy siblings, my three best friends who I consider to be my sisters, have impacted my life and career the most. These are friends hold me accountable, encourage me, and guide me. They keep me in check. They tell me things I need to hear like, ‘No Erika I do not think that is a good idea Sis”. They really push me to always continue moving forward,” she shares.

The only thing Dr. Hendrix says that she would change about her eyewear business is wishing that she would have done it sooner! “I’ll be 50 in two years so I can only imagine where it would be if I would’ve done this in my 20’s. But everything is in God’s timing” says Dr. Hendrix.

The sky’s the limit for Lady E Specs. Dr. Hendrix plans to further her brand to new heights and share her vision around the world. Some of her future plans include launching a line dedicated to senior citizens and expanding into jewelry and apparel. She is currently working with local vendors to have Lady E Specs sold wholesale as well as online through her website.

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