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Tamara Smith | July 21st, 2016
Shannon “Shae” Hairston (Photos by Jarvis Harris)

Shannon “Shae” Hairston (Photos by Jarvis Harris)

A woman who wears many hats, Shannon “Shae” Hairston is best known for her cutting edge, and trendy hair salon, Lady Shae’s, located in the heart of Greensboro. At Lady Shae’s, she provides the most current, and edgy hair styles for her clients of all ages. Unbeknownst to these clients and many in the Greensboro area, Shannon is a dual business owner.

In addition to her booming full service healthy hair salon, Hairston owns and operates a mental health group home in Greensboro, A Brighter Day Group Home. There, she assists adults who are living with developmental disabilities in achieving their full potential of independence and self worth. Hairston, along with six other qualified staff members provide constant individualized care for each client and their specific needs. The main mission for A Brighter Day is to enhance each individual’s quality of life by providing structure, emotional stability, education, and an overall hands-on approach.

Hairston strives to develop and administer programs that enhance the safety and quality of life for individuals served and their families through comprehensive continuum of care in the areas of social services, community networking, education, finances, mental health and housing. Staff members perform with an etiquette of excellence ensuring and winning the approval of community superiors.

Hairstons’ interest in mental health began shortly after working as a certified nursing assistant many years ago, when she applied for a position as a residential counselor or better known then as a “hab tech or habilitation technician”. This position was at a facility for mentally challenged individuals, and she immediately fell in love. When asked what was it about this population that she adored, Hairston stated, “working with them and seeing them laugh, achieve their goals, and really feeling life did it for me.”

With this newfound passion, she took the steps to learn more about this field and gradually began building her second business. Many certifications and hours of instruction from various areas are necessary to operate and run a mental health group home according to state regulations. Hairston gives extensive credit to many significant individuals, who helped and worked diligently in making both her businesses top notch. Markita Wiley has worked alongside Hairston as her assistant since day one, dating back to the startup of Lady Shae’s Salon.

Wiley is no longer the direct assistant for Hairston, but she continues to assist as needed. Maryann Adams is an established accountant who closely monitors and manages business finances, while Lashawn Walls, provides networking advice and assists with business exposure in social media and online website designs. Lastly, credit is also given to Laquitta Medley who is Hairston’s business consultant. Hairston also relies on the services of Kelita Vanterpool, Delonie Davis, Onecia Westmoreland, Cynterria Campbell, and Brianna Meachum.

Her passion for helping others, along with her spirited soul has allowed her to progress considerably beyond the physical attributes of individuals. In addition to making women feel good when they leave her salon, she also makes all her group home clients feel extraordinary inside and out as well. Anytime you see Hairston, you will find her displaying that natural caring attitude. Hairston says, “Each business presents their own set of obstacles, but I take each one as they come, and immediately address each need”.

Hairston continues to say, “at the end of the day, as long as my clients are happy, smiling, and full of life, nothing else matters.” To those contemplating entering into the mental health field, Hairston suggest that you truly have compassion for people.

She says that people often ask her how does she handle all that she does. “Those questions used to bother me but now they sit perfectly well with me. I do this because I love it. Growing up I’d often daydream and see myself multitasking in a business arena and helping someone. I’m fulfilling a vision and operating in my own lane,” she says.

According to Hairston, being successful doesn’t mean that you wear all of the hats. “Being successful is putting the right people in place to make your efforts operate and function properly. I realized that in order for me to be successful I had to let go of some of my responsibilities. This was very difficult to do, but as I elevated, I was left with no choice but to do it,” she says.

Hairston recently began small business consulting program, and for those interested in her services, mental health, small business consulting, or looking for a salon home, feel free to contact her at: or
If you are apart of a organization looking for partnerships, contact Shannon Hairston.

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