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by Terry Watson | November 11th, 2011
Shannon Hairston

Shannon Hairston (Photo by 7545 Photography)

For the past ten years, Shannon “Shae” Hairston has styled hair professionally. She had always considered herself ambitious and motivated, but says never contemplated the idea of owning and operating her very own salon.

That thought changed when the opportunity presented itself to Hairston and she eventually opened Lady Shaes Hair Salon in Greensboro in 2008. Located at 1025 Homeland Avenue, her salon offers professional styling services and more in a very comfortable and relaxed setting. Hairston says Lady Shae is the place where everyone is somebody all of the time.

“As a stylist, I received so much joy from just standing behind the chair. However, as a salon owner, I have grown as a person and It has truly been one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life,” says Hairston. Putting smiles on the faces of her personal clients, salon patrons, and those who simply stop by for consultations she says it what makes her journey all so significant.

Hairston has a natural heart for helping and caring for people. These attributes are needed especially in her role as a public servant. “Sometimes it becomes very difficult to please everybody, though impossible I still try,” says Hairston. She credits her mother for being the inspiration for everything she does.. .”She has been such a strong role model in my life. She has taught me, most importantly that with God all things are possible. She let me know that if I want it, I better go get it,” says Hairston.

The staff of Lady Shae includes six stylist including Crystal Johnson, Kimberly Moorman, Jodie Briggs, Kimberly Johnson, and Kenyetta Johnson (Nail Technician). There is also a make-up artist. Some of the services offered are relaxers, perms, designer haircuts, styles, haircolors, various treatments, hair extentions for all hair types, manicures, eyelash extententions, brow shaping, make-up and bridal services.

Moving forward, Hairston says she would not change a thing about her business. She acknowledges there are blessings in both the good and “the not so good” and believes that with God, all things are possible.

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