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by Terry Watson | July 16th, 2012
Shannon “Shae” Hairston - Lady Shae’s Hair Salon

Shannon “Shae” Hairston (Photo by Jarvis Harris)

Lady Shae’s Hair Salon is uniquely in a class of its own. From the time patrons enter the reception area to the time they depart they are treated as royalty. The southern-style, elegant architecture of the exterior of the salon gives way to a sleek, sophisticated and modern interior. As soon as clients enter Lady Shae’s salon they are warmly greeted by owner, Shannon Hairston or any other member of the salon staff. It’s just one example of how the salon stands behind its mantra that “Lady Shae’s is the place where everyone is somebody all of the time.”

Clients are made to feel right at home in the salon’s relaxed environment. They are offered a choice of water, tea, coffee or hot cocoa as well as any of the available “treat” for the day. In short, clients are treated like a dear family member. In fact, that’s exactly how each stylist at the salon describes the atmosphere. They all agree-it’s just like a family; teaching one another and helping each other out. There is much to be said when a group of stylists, varying ages, personalities and skill levels, unanimously testify to the secret of a salon’s success. Similarly, and perhaps more importantly it speaks volumes about the integrity of the salon’s management and ownership.

Shannon Hairston began Lady Shae’s Hair Salon in 2008, but she has been doing hair much longer than that. For many years she worked at other salons and was pretty much content, nevertheless circumstances necessitated she make a move and she hasn’t looked back since. She grew up doing hair and always knew she wanted to do hair. She was that girl who was always styling friends hair in high school as well as playing the part of kitchen-tician at home, especially on Sunday mornings. She just loves helping people out and serving others. She says, “Service is service; however you do it, make a difference.” It’s not just something she says, but she lives it. “I’m still the person that helps the little lady with groceries. It pleases me to please others. That’s just my personality. That’s just me,” says Hairston.

Her desire to help and serve others isn’t just confined to the individuals who sit in her styling chair. She is reaching out through other avenues as well. Over 10 years ago, when she initially began her career in the hair field, she, like many others, was inclined to acquire a part time job to help fill-in the holes in her finances until she built a stable clientele. She became a licensed CNA and began working at a group home. Of course, being that she loves to serve people, she found that she really enjoyed working with the individuals at the home and providing assistance. However, having to punch a clock and check in has always left a sour taste Hairston’s mouth.

She has never been one to shy away from work; she just feels if she has to push that hard it should be for herself. Which is exactly what she did. “It’s just my personality. As long as God allows me I will never work for anybody,” says Hairston. She had the experience; she just needed to know the set-up process. Hairston spent a considerable amount of time simply researching and planning. It wasn’t long before she opened the doors to her very own group home, A Brighter Day. She admits it’s a delicate balancing act operating as an owner-stylist, as well as owner and manager of a group home. It’s her ambition and proactive mentality that enables her to make it all seem so easy. She says she just does what she has to do and gets the job done.

The group of Lady Shae stylists have been known to participate in many community service projects together. From providing their time and services at Back to School hair events to various drives to participating in one of the local health organizations events such as the Muscular Dystrophy Association, the ladies of Lady Shae Hair Salon are all concerned about providing community service and support as well as industry support.

Likewise, the stylists are really able to support, assist and connect with their clients in a more personalized manner. Traditionally, stylists work with their patrons in an open area side-by-side. However, the Lady Shae’s Salon is uniquely designed so that each stylist has their own styling room. It’s an accommodation that Hairston is particularly proud. She says that feature allows the hair stylists to give clients their undivided attention as well as provide a singular area that is inspired by and reflective of each stylist’s personality.

The individual rooms and main floor area (for two of the stylists) is what provides hair stylist Crystal Johnson, from Siler City, NC, the opportunity to showcase her artistic personality. Although, Johnson has been doing hair for 18 years, two and a half of which have been at Lady Shae’s Salon, she also boasts a degree in art. Her room is the physical manifestation of her creative personality. The footprint of her artistic ability is evidenced in everything she does from her love of color application and treatment to her unique hair styles. “I dream hair; I live hair; I think about it all the time,” she says. Johnson also holds her instructors license.

Kimberly Johnson has been a stylist for over 20 years. She also recalls doing hair in her local Greensboro neighborhood since she was a child. For the past one and a half years Johnson has been showcasing her skills at Lady Shae’s Salon, especially her skills in the use of weave. She definitely knows her way around a weave. In fact, she is considered a master weaveologist. In addition, she is a make-up stylist with an impressive clientele list. She pursues both areas with vigor and passion.

Originally from New Jersey, Kenya Howell has been at Lady Shae’s for six months, but she has been in the industry for 20 years. She says she specializes in making sure her clients understand the importance of and have healthy hair. She too has always wanted to be a hair stylist. There was really no other option. Howell is trained in the application of the high-end Fusion hair extensions-a form of permanent extensions that are literally fused to the hair for a natural and long-lasting effect. She says she gets great joy just seeing the smile on her clients faces after she has done their hair.

Jodie Briggs has been styling hair since 2002. The Richmond, VA native began doing hair on the side as a sophomore at Norfolk State University. Ironically, she ultimately received a degree in journalism. Although Briggs is capable of styling all hair types she specializes in all things related to natural hair. She loves the fact that, as a stylist, she has a hand in cultivating and building confidence in her clients simply by encouraging them to love their hair.

With over 28 years in the hair care industry under her belt, Kimberly Moorman has a great deal of experience in the industry. She teaches cosmetology at Guilford Technical Community College as well as Rockingham Community College. Her take on hair is very interesting. She studies it. She wants to know why it does what it does. Perhaps she could be described as the “hair scientist” of the group. She loves getting her clients to step outside of their box and try different looks.
All the stylists are well-trained and provide exceptional service to their clients. From Dominican blowouts to Keratin treatments Lady Shae’s Hair Salon is committed to providing clients with the latest in hair treatments, styles and education while ensuring clients receive the best salon experience ever.

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