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by Terry Watson | September 15th, 2020
Lamont Bradsher & Stephanie Carver (Photos by Still Shots Photography)

Lamont Bradsher & Stephanie Carver (Photos by Still Shots Photography)

This year has been nothing short of conflicting. In the middle of a worldwide health pandemic, we’ve all had to make unimaginable pivots in our daily lives. Families can’t celebrate important milestones or even partake in activities together unless there are less than 50 people in attendance. Even still, how does one decide on who to invite, how to interact, and simply how to conduct a gathering?

Many businesses have decided to completely shut down because customers aren’t calling, money is tight, and people’s health is the number priority. Instead of closing their doors, CenterStage in the City went into survival mode adjusted their business practices to reopen and continue effectively serving the needs of their clients, while putting safety first. Co-Owners and Lamont Bradsher and Stephanie Carver put their creative minds together and crafted ways for couples to share their wedding day, baby gender reveals, birthday parties, and other important events with their loved ones, without completely missing out on the moment.

A popular work-around has been to pre-record the special day as if it were pre-Covid-19, complete with entertainment, lighting, décor, and any other happenings, then present it on the actual day as scheduled.

“If you don’t tell anyone, they won’t know that the event was pre-recorded. Then they can use their own platform and their friends and family can log in and watch as if they’re there on the actual date you’ve set,” they explain. Carver, who serves as the manager of the business while Bradsher serves as the marketing director. Their responsibilities are endless. It takes an enormous amount of effort to plan this type of event, but it has become one of the more popular options. The couple will travel to unlimited locations and currently has a partnership with Grandover Resort in Greensboro, NC.

With these packages, Bradsher’s Sumthin 4 Tha People Band is often available to perform, custom Gobo lighting can be installed to better enhance the experience. Evenmore, Carver puts her graphic design expertise to good use and creates signage to be displayed on walls, floors and any surface chosen.

Carver has found herself creating more signage for businesses explaining CDC guidelines, and social distancing requirements, including floor and wall stickers, banners and even stencils since stickers peel and wear down.

Their menu of options doesn’t stop there. As the pandemic looms, the couple offers virtual homegoing services, digital commemorative booklets (video and print), and a full sound package for the celebration of life. The two try to make the daunting process as easy as possible for the grieving family.

Innovation has been forced on the world since March, and Bradsher and Carver have found great value in the virtual world. “We can reach so many more people at one time, so we know that what we’re doing works. And we want to take out the negative stigma that a lot of people may have.”

The couple has found that once someone receives the video of a special event they were scheduled to attend, they actually enjoy it just as much, if not more than being in person because they leave with a professional video they can look at for years to come. And if you need the equipment to view the videos, Bradsher has partnered with AV Gorilla for audio-visual installations.

CenterStage in the City is a one-stop shop for planning amazing events, and the two faith-filled owners haven’t spared one detail to properly serve their customers. They’re implementing ideas daily to assist their clients in staying connected to those they love without missing the in-person interaction.

It’s evident that Carver and Bradsher pour every ounce of energy into their endeavors and they proudly serve faithfully while doing it. From parenting, to ministry, to entertaining, they plan to do it all and God guides them every step of the way.

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