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Ayana Bryant | March 22nd, 2021
La’Roy Crumble (Photos by Seawards Dawson II)

La’Roy Crumble (Photos by Seawards Dawson II)

Starting a business during a global pandemic could be a daunting task for most, but Latony Crumble and Willie Wilkes have embraced the challenge with open arms. The year of 2020 introduced several obstacles to the world but also birthed La’Roy Crumble Wine for these two business partners.

Wilkes, 31, originally from historic Memphis, TN didn’t necessarily intend on becoming a business owner within the wine industry when first starting his career. Upon graduating from Job Corps pursuing the electrical trade, Wilkes then relocated to Atlanta, Georgia with hopes of becoming an electrician.

When this career path revealed itself to be unsuccessful, Wilkes then returned to school and pursued a track in heating and air. This opportunity eventually led him to meet his now business partner Latony Crumble.

Crumble, a Virginia native and former professional dancer saw the potential of creating his own wine from being so heavily involved in the entertainment industry. So, from there an idea as well as a distillery contact in Detroit would propel the duo to start La’Roy Crumble Wine.

The name La’Roy comes from a cross between Crumble’s first name Latony, and Wilkes middle name, Roy. This black owned business is based out of Atlanta, Georgia and has grown pretty quickly since their launch in late 2020. La’Roy Crumble has developed five signature flavors that are currently available for retail, a Moscato blend, an Alicante, a Dago red, Pinot Grigio, and a Chamblee.

When asked what motivates and inspires them to continue growing their business, both gentlemen stated that being able to network with so many people and seeing the growth they’ve already acquired is the biggest drive for them. For Latony Crumble, his faith has played a big role in never giving up stating “I believe God gave me a gift to start something from the bottom and bring it to life.” Wilkes explains that connecting with people has always been an easy thing for him and that he is grateful for this business opportunity. He sees it as “a platform to be able to reach an even broader group of people”.

Crumble and Wilkes discussed the challenges they have faced. One of them is being unable to secure investors and acquire loans to start their business, but they explain it has only encouraged them to work harder to fund it themselves. They both understand they are still in the early stages of this new journey and face more challenges that haven’t yet been reached.

After only operating in four months of business and starting out with five different flavors of wine, both Wilkes and Crumble have no desire to slow down any time soon. Plans to continue growing their business are already in motion with four new flavors already in development.

So, what lies in the future for La’Roy Crumble Wine you might ask? “The sky’s the limit and I see no limits on where this brand can go” says Wilkes. Plans for mainstream distribution are definitely in the cards. Despite the challenges and issues these young men might have encountered, they both say that it hasn’t deterred them. They plan to continue moving forward one day at a time. Let’s all raise a glass to the success of this thriving new business and say Salud!

For more information about La’Roy Crumble Wine, and to purchase your selection, please check out the company via Instagram @La’Roycrumble_wine, and on Facebook at La’Roy Crumble.

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