Las Amigas Incorporated

by Terry Watson | July 11th, 2014
as Amigas Incorporated Team (Photos by Perfect Lenz Photography)

Las Amigas Incorporated Team (Photo by Perfect Lenz Photography)

Las Amigas, Inc. is a civic organization that was established in 1957 in Charlotte, N.C. by two teachers, Dora R. Mason and Mary Q. Moore.
The mission was to enhance the quality of life and promote the general improvement of the community they live in. In addition, they strive to encourage personal and professional growth, and to foster a closer relationship among sisters through cultural and social activities. The motto is, “Those who apply themselves too closely to little things, often become incapable of accomplishing great things.”

In 1966, Dora Mason approached Lola Anne McAdoo about organizing a Greensboro chapter of Las Amigas, Inc. In February 1967, Lola McAdoo and seven of her friends, mainly teachers became charter members of the Greensboro chapter of Las Amigas. The charter members were: Lola McAdoo, Dorothy Swann (first President), Alice G. Brown, S. Cecelia F. Taylor, Betty Artis, Johnsie Dalton, Faye Caple and Willie Mae Lucas. Today, Lola McAdoo is the only active charter member.

Forty seven years later, the Greensboro chapter of Las Amigas continues to average 7 – 15 members. The chapter strives to work with families and children by providing volunteer hours for Kid’s Voting, nursing homes, homeless shelters and contributions for the betterment of the community. Donations have been made to local YMCAs, the Urban Ministry of Greensboro, the Salvation Army, NCNW, Sickle Cell and Kidney foundations, schools, lupus and breast cancer programs.

The chapter’s main focus for 45 years has been the main fundraising event, the “Vals Purez Hovenez Ball” (An Evening for Young Ladies). This event crowns a queen at this event after months of involving young ladies from grades seven through 11 in educational activities, cultural and social activities that help them develop a more wholesome outlook toward gracious living. The contestants and escorts are given first consideration for Las Amigas Educational Scholarships. The chapter has given more than $95,000 over the past 45 years in scholarships. To help the chapter reach more educators, individuals can purchase tickets for $5.00 to give educators an opportunity to attend. To purchase tickets, please call (336)254-1555 or (336)601-0101. They are also recruiting new members.

Other activities they participate in is the annual “Treasure Bags” program that provides toiletries, socks and snacks to the homeless, and the “Comfort of Love” program that provides blankets to various groups like Urban Ministry, Dialysis Center. This year the group provided 150 blankets to Wesley Long Cancer Center. In addition, they have sponsored families during the holidays or any time a request is made for families with children.

They are proud of a new project presented to the chapter last year by member, Agatha Grimes, “Celebrating Unsung Heroes and Heroines in Education.” This event celebrates educators with an evening of fun, food, fellowship and prizes as a means of saying, “thank you for all you do in educating our children.” Over 300 educators attended their first event in 2013 and they are planning to honor more than 500 educators this year on August 22, 2014.

The Greensboro chapter is one of 22 chapters in the national organization. Greensboro has been an active chapter for more man 47 years with three members that have served as national presidents—Dorothy Swann, Agnes Roseboro and Joann Williams. The chapter is in the Southeast region with chapters in Wilmington, Whiteville, Red Springs, Lumberton, and St. Pauls/Bladen County. Their very own member, Agatha Grimes is the current Southeast region director.

Current members of the Greensboro chapter are: Faye Stanley, president; Ruth Goldston, vice president; Ashley Freeman, secretary; Joann Williams, financial secretary; Danielle Williams treasurer and other members, Agatha Grimes, Lola McAdoo, Jodi Berry, Evelyn Farmer, Kimya Nance and Sandra York. They are continuously recruiting young women interested in volunteering to help better the community.
The Greensboro chapter plans to continue to be a service to the community and be dedicated volunteers. They also plan to continue developing and implementing activities that will allow them to work with and mentor all age groups. The Greensboro chapter will continue to strive to live by the Las Amigas motto.

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