La’Tesha Eturnul

Laci Ollison | March 22nd, 2021
La’Tesha Eturnul (Photos by La’Tesha Eturnul)

La’Tesha Eturnul (Photos by La’Tesha Eturnul)

La’Tesha Ni’cole is shattering glass ceilings in the music industry by providing inspiration and opportunity. The San Diego, California native turned her passion and natural gift into a business by becoming a full-time artist, Chief Executive Officer, and record label owner. Also known as her artist’s name Eturnul, La’Tesha Ni’cole is a long-time songwriter and artist. She started her indie record label “805 South” in hopes of helping other artists build up their brand as well.

“I have been doing music for a while and recently decided to go full fledge,” La’Tesha said. “I am still in the process of building the label and getting a few more basics but I have made the platform going forward pretty smooth.” La’Tesha said that she started her business because she realized that there was something more that God required her to do. There was indeed a true calling on her life. She realized that she wanted to live for a true purpose, a God purpose. She realized that she was called to inspire others through music, positive slogans, and more.

In addition to her record label, La’Tesha also has a clothing and apparel company too. The brand shares a name with her record label. “We have over fifteen designs, but we are currently running the 805 South Brand hoodie and masks sets,” she said. “We like to create slogans that inspire other people.”

The inspiration behind 805 South was also in hopes of inspiring and uniting her community to come together for the greater good of each other.

“805 South was originally started in 1998 to help bring our city together without discrimination, color, creed, or prejudice from neighborhoods from each other,” La’Tesha said. In addition to inspirational designs, 805 South also produces designs that raises awareness around physical health and common diseases.

“We also like to implement health wellness designs too,” she said. “Some of our upcoming designs, are Overcome Lupus, Overcome Cancer, God or Nothing, The Heart of San Diego, and more.”
La’Tesha said that her biggest challenge as a business owner has been finances and focus. “I would say finances and the full focus was challenging,” she said. “Having to provide for your family and run any business takes both.”

Now that she has found a way to manage her finances and focus, La’Tesha said that she has seen substantial growth in her business. Being able to balance them now has been a huge turnaround for her. She’s finally starting to experience the fruit off all her labor.

When times get hard, however, La’Tesha looks to a few individuals for motivation to keep going. “My purpose, my children, others, and God Almighty motivates me.”

La’Tesha said that when it comes to building a business, she would encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to educate themselves. “The educating yourself is the first step as an indie artist,” she said. “Placing yourself around like-minded individuals like yourself that may have more seasoned experience in your desired profession. Saturate everything like a hard drive. Keep balance at home and work. Believe in yourself and never be afraid to invest in yourself.”

La’Tesha said that when doing that, you should not put out a budget before making a busines and marketing plan first and stick to it. “Remember you can do it, no matter who says you can’t.”
Although there have been bumps in the road, there is nothing that La’Tesha would change about her journey. For the most part, she believes everything happens for a reason and in due season, she adds, “there are divine connections that are taking place and what is supposed to happen will happen.”

One of these such connections exists between La’Tesha and the artist signed to her record label, Angelique Jonelle. La’Tesha’s current focus is assisting Angelique with getting her brand up and running with the release of her first single coming out March 2021.

Angelique, also from San Diego, is a 20-year-old inspirational and gospel singer who currently lives in Murrieta, California. She is an inspired vocalist who loves to sing, dance and act. She was singing for as long as she can remember and her mom said when she was four years old, she used to wear her ponytail as a wig, and put on make up and put on high heels and sing as my alter ego.
“I am an inspirational and gospel singer,” she said. “That is what I want my ultimate brand to be.”

The rising singer has always had a passion for singing and encouraging others, and that is what ultimately inspired her to begin her singing career. “When I was younger, I used to watch the Disney Channel a lot. China McClain really inspired me. Every time I saw her sing and act, I wanted to be just like her. I also wanted to be an inspiration to others and inspire people the same way that she inspired me,” Angelique says.

Angelique has lit the stages at The “Texas Gospel Music Excellence Awards 2019” with Eturnul, and graced the stage with srtist Angela Bennett, Detroits Young Men 4 Christ, Lemmie Battles, Nikki Berry, Gloria Cooks, and many others. Along with Eturnul, they performed at the Bobby Jones Presents Show In July 2019, adding a new flavor to the Gospel Music industry.
Angelique said her biggest challenge as an artist and singer has been gaining the confidence to fully be who she was called to be.

Finances have also posed a hurdle for her. “I didn’t have the finances to really invest in myself, so I didn’t have the confidence and it made me a little bit more nervous,” she says.
Although Angelique wishes that she would have invested in herself earlier on, and gained more experience as a performer, she is now more confident than ever and is ready to continue her journey of becoming an artist. She also hopes that other aspiring artists will learn from her journey and take advantage of opportunities to perfect their craft as early as possible. “I would tell other entrepreneurs to keep investing in yourself,” she said.

While Angelique hopes to continue to grow as an artist and eventually expanding to become an actor, La’Tesha hopes to grow her record label into a lucrative business.

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