Latosha D. Miles – When Football Turns You Into His Side Chick

Latasha Davis | August 28th, 2017
Latosha D. Miles

Latosha D. Miles

Listening to the way LaTasha D. Miles talks about sports, you would think she doesn’t leave home without her football. Her love for the game is evident in her background, expressions, and personality.

Born and raised in ACC country, the bubbly dose of brown sugar never had the goal to fit in, but to stand out, growing up, surrounded by male cousins and uncles in Burlington, NC and developing into a tomboy. Outnumbered by males, LaTasha had no choice but to join them as they gathered around that one television at “grandma’s house” for Sunday dinner after church and watch football.

At first, LaTasha disliked the sport, but found herself eager to learn more about the game by constantly pestering others to explain to her the rules and regulations of football. She began researching, learning formations, coaching trees, schemes, and all things relating to the sport. The more she watched football, the more her love for the sport increased. Football had found a new fan in LaTasha D. Miles.

Her continuous quest for knowledge about the sport afforded her many opportunities to write, edit, co-host, host, produce, broadcast as a radio personality and as a sideline reporter. As a sports journalist, LaTasha has landed several front page articles with interviews from Hall of Fame members such as Bobby Bowden, Terry Bradshaw, and Dick MacPherson. In addition to conducting interviews with defensive end William Hayes, of the Miami Dolphins, ESPN’s own Stephen A. Smith, the only living Negro League Baseball Umpire, author Robert “Bob” Motley and BMX phenomenon Brett “Mad Dog” Banasiewicz, she graduated from Magna Cum Laude from Winston-Salem State University in Winston-Salem, NC, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications, with a concentration in Sports Journalism.

A standout in sports writing and sports editing, LaTasha earned accolades in both lines of work and covered baseball, basketball, golf, soccer, tennis, and of course football in North Carolina, Tennessee, and Indiana. Now emerged into the self-proclaimed dainty tomboy and with her heart of gold and big smile in tow, LaTasha is ready to hit the mainstream level in the sports reporting and broadcasting realms. She has also been featured on national and local television and radio stations more than 30 times. Affectionately known as “Joan Madden, The Gridiron Goddess” of SheSPN The Network, she also penned the acclaimed book “When Football Season Turns You Into His Side Chick: The Ultimate Survival Guide For Relationships & Households During Football Season” and is the creator of “WTF Too: Women Talk Football Too.”

Who knew that little girl without any interest in football would become one of its biggest fans, so full of vigor and always prepared for a challenge?
In addition to football, LaTasha is an addict for fashion, devoted to interior decorating, traveling, volunteering, and a fanatic of choreography and listening to music, especially Beyoncé. She enjoys bowling and swimming, and absolutely adores full-blooded Boxers and children. Her love for God, family and friends, and helping others are at the center of what keeps her grounded.

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