Lauren Brickhouse – Hayes Taylor YMCA New Sports Director

by Terry Watson | August 28th, 2017
Lauren Brickhouse

Lauren Brickhouse

Lauren Brickhouse is a southern girl at heart. She fondly claims Charleston, SC as home, but that’s only partially true. As a young girl, Lauren moved from city to city with her military family, so the entire country has been her playground. Since relocating from Virginia three months ago, she calls Greensboro, NC home as the new Sports Director at Hayes-Taylor YMCA.

Her love of sports started in middle school when she tried out for her school’s basketball team. She thought her dreams were shattered when she wasn’t selected to play, but because she was determined, she didn’t give up. “After I was cut from the team in the 7th grade, I ended up playing for our local YMCA. Then I didn’t play again until tenth grade.” Eventually standing at 6 feet tall, Lauren worked so hard for the next three years that she was a stand-out on the team and was recruited by Virginia Commonwealth University, ultimately landing a full basketball scholarship.

Though her talents would’ve most likely taken her to the WNBA and possibly international, Lauren had plans of furthering her education instead. Her quest for more knowledge led her to Old Dominion University’s Sports Management program where she obtained her master’s degree in 2006. With a second degree under her belt, Lauren was ready for a career in recreation but found it difficult to break into. Her first position out of college was at another YMCA in Westpoint, VA but she wasn’t quite sure if that was where she was supposed to be. She spent a few years in a role that encompassed so many responsibilities that she unfortunately became overwhelmed. She decided to take a chance on other jobs but quickly realized they weren’t fulfilling. After lots of soul searching and many nights praying with her husband, who was too at a crossroads in his career, things started looking up.

“My husband was trying to break into recreation but it just wasn’t happening. He eventually applied for a job and had a really good interview in Randolph County. Shortly after, he was offered the job. A week later, I heard from Hayes-Taylor and was offered this opportunity in Greensboro, 30 minutes away.” The couple had already felt it was time for them to explore areas outside of Hampton, VA so they jumped at the chance to relocate further south to a new city and have a new start.
As Sports Director, the 34 year old military brat oversees every aspect of all sports from coordinating practice schedules to making sure basketball goals are the adequate height for each age group. “Even though I’m the Sports Director, some days I’m a referee, some days I’m ushering scared children down the court, but most of the time I’m making sure the teams have enough equipment for the games and that the other areas are running properly.” Lauren beams that she has an amazing supervisor that makes her job easier by understanding the duties of her role and at times, doesn’t mind jumping in to assist when needed.

Because she’s so dedicated, there are days when Lauren finds herself easily working 12 hours. She’s also a self-proclaimed workaholic that values those moments when her husband forces her to turn off her mobile phone and relax with the family. “He always tells me that it’ll be there tomorrow. And it will,” she laughs. Listening to the man who she describes as ‘awesome’ seems to be beneficial. “I think he’s smarter than me. No, he IS smarter than me. He takes care of me and always wants to make sure that I’m ok.” Their four-year-old son, BJ, also keeps her grounded. He’s the typical busy, chatty four-year-old that doesn’t care about what happens during her day, before she walks through the door. “My son is great! He just wants to play with mommy. He’d be all over me if he were here.”

Lauren Brickhouse is finally in a good place. She’s in a welcoming city, with a progressive job, with her loving family. In hindsight, she and her husband realize they should’ve relied on God to provide their needs, but like many, they felt like they controlled their own destinies. How wrong they were. Putting their concerns in the hands of the Most High proved to be the right move.

Lauren explains that the long days are worth every minute because she’s able to get to know the children and their parents and watch the children grow and develop in their skill. “When a child is finally able to dribble a ball or make a shot as opposed to not doing any of that [at the beginning of the season], you feel like you’re making an impact. That’s the best part of my job.”

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