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by Terry Watson | May 10th, 2012
Lystra John

Lystra John (Photo by Lystra John)

Brooklyn, New York native Lystra John is the founder of LEAP4STARS, an image consulting company whose focus is to help women work on the visible and invisible image they have of themselves. In addition her goal is to provide women everywhere with encouraging information on how to live a healthier and more beautiful lifestyle.

LEAP4STARS works with the mother, daughter, grandmother, and aunt with issues on how to dress, what to wear, and when to wear it. In addition other topics such as How to speak, when to speak, and who to speak to. John says she also addresses health concerns such as how to end usage of prescription medicine, lose weight, and raise happy and healthy children. Most importantly John says she instructs her clients on how to live in purpose.

As a mother of four beautiful children, she says they are her biggest inspiration and why she does what she do. “Children do as you do not as you say. If I want my children to be successful, healthy and happy it is my moral obligation to make sure I am doing the same thing,” says John.
Some of the product and services provided by John are One on One consultations, Health Assessments, Group Workshops, Job Fairs. She also offers advice on how to transform and update your current look, and works with youth groups and womens groups on entrepreneurship and how to work from home. “I teach my clients on how to balance life and work. I help those who want to prepare for the next level in life. I believe that simple lifestyle changes can add years to someone’s life,” says John.

She says her father taught her the importance of being a business owner and money management. When she was eight, he died, but she says his impression continues to live within her.

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