Lechele Jackson

by Terry Watson | January 19th, 2021
Lechele Jackson (Photos by Lechele Jackson)

Lechele Jackson (Photos by Lechele Jackson)

Lechele Jackson aka “Kamragurl” describes herself as an average woman living an extraordinary life. She is a lifestyle photographer that’s based out of Richmond, VA. She specializes in family, business, and event photography. The name of her company is Photography by Lechele LLC.

Most importantly, Lechele loves God. She also loves her family and her community. When she doesn’t have a camera in her hand, she can be found traveling or soaking the rays from the sun on the beach, listening to the ocean, or enjoying the quiet splendor of the mountains.

Lechele’s story began in 2008. “By the Grace of God, my creative gift and love for photography turned into a business. My pastor and Bishop had preached on a sermon entitled “Your Gift Will Make Room For You” and with my faith and the support of family and friends, as well as my clients, I am here today, doing what I am passionate about,” she says.

For Lechele, photography is more than just providing a service to capture images to go into a magazine, a photo album, or to be put in a frame and hung on a wall. She shares that photography is about creating moments and capturing memories that will last a lifetime. “Photography is not a business for me, it’s a ministry. I would like to think that after having a session with me, you come away with a memorable experience!” Photography has afforded her to build long lasting friendships and partnerships.

As a woman of God, and a believer in the love of God, Lechele shares why it’s always important for her to have faith, and to be faithful. “It all begins with my trust in God. We must walk in your calling, follow our hearts, and live your dreams. When we trust God, He will open doors and pour out blessings you won’t have room enough to receive. God has definitely been the giver and source of this business and He is still opening doors and opportunities for me. For the last couple of years, I have been praying and speaking about having a larger studio space. Currently I am partnering with someone to do just that. We must be reminded that your words have power. Speak positive affirmations into every aspect of your life and watch the fruit of your labor coincide with the words of your tongue. The creator of every good and perfect gift has already worked it out in your favor,” she says.

While enjoying a natural talent of her own, Lechele is inspired by other photographers. “My peers in the photography industry are so creative and talented, and it is an honor to be among so many awesome souls. I love and appreciate each one of them,” she says.

Her advice to others who may follow in her footsteps is to go for it. “Don’t give up. Take your time and listen to your spirit. Do not compare yourself or your work to others because everyone is different and has a unique style of their own. Find it and never stop evolving. We can be our own worst critic,” she shares.

In the future, Lechele plans to continue to grow, learn, and develop her skills. “I have dreams of possibly creating an agency to bridge the gap in the industry by working with various talents and creatives who need their dots connected,” she says.

To learn more about Lechele Jackson, please visit her website or contact her directly.

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