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by Terry Watson | March 19th, 2020
Margaret Elaine and family

Margaret Elaine and family

What is memory? Memory is the part of the brain that encodes, stores, and retrieves information. Memory serves as a record of experience for guiding your future actions. Scientist have discovered that different areas of the brain affect certain aspects of your memory. For instance, the hippocampus is connected to spatial memory and it helps the brain map the surrounding world and discover its way around a familiar place while the amygdala is linked to emotional memory. It is this emotional memory that most people long to revisit especially if the emotion takes you back to a time in your life when you felt safe, loved, and cared for.

Meet Margaret Elaine, founder of Pound by Legacy Cakes, Inc. Her loyal customers say these pound cakes are the maps that create avenues, roads, and highways that guides them down memory lane. According to Margaret Elaine, “My late mother, Margaret Shoffner Gladney, was the first to begin making this cake in our family. She started working with this recipe in the early 1940’s. Unfortunately, we lost Mama last year, but she left us precious memories and her secret homemade pound cake recipe that many have come to know and love. We grew up in Pleasant Garden, NC and attended New Goshen United Methodist Church, Greensboro, NC.,” she says.

“I remember Mama making her pound cake for church revivals and she was always amazed that her cake would be the first dessert to go. While she was making it, I use to wish that cake would fall or crumble so she could leave it home, but it never fell. We did have the pleasure of sticking our finger in the bowl and getting some of that batter though. So, I grew up watching her make that cake then when I was old enough to be in the kitchen I started baking and cooking with her. I learned how to make that cake from scratch and over the years I perfected her recipe and tweaked it here and there and came up with the pound cake we sell today. Before she left us, Mama still tasted every cake and she would tell me if I had too much flower, or not enough milk. She could tell immediately what I needed to do while she was eating it and her critiques helped make my pound cakes even better.” Margaret Elaine has never stopped tweaking her recipe while maintaining the integrity and consistency of her light and fluffy melt-in-your-mouth pound cakes.

Consistency is important for the success of any business especially when it comes to food. The loyal customers of Pound by Legacy Cakes, Inc. have come to expect and cherish the unique mouthwatering taste of her pound cakes. It is this expectation that has led Margaret Elaine to teach her sons, Brandon and Anthony how to master the “consistency” of the batter.

She explains, “The consistency of the batter is important. Just like my mother taught me I have taught my sons because they are the next generation. The next generation has changed the name from The Sweet Shop to Pound by Legacy Cakes, Inc. We changed the name because this recipe is being handed down to them and hopefully to their children. The business will be theirs when I retire and it’s important that they know how to make the pound cake. My mother was the first generation; I am the second generation; and they are the third. This business is our Legacy.” Proverbs 22:6 declares, “Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.”

This is the reason why she has personally taught her sons how to prepare the batter and bake it to perfection. “Both Brandon and Anthony are master bakers by my hand. You know the batter has to be perfect. The milk has to be right; the flower has to be measured right. The eggs and butter have to be room temperature, you have to fold that mixture just right so that batter holds together perfectly. Our icing is handmade, too, it’s just right. The icing has to be consistent because of the crust on the pound cake. If it’s not right the icing will just roll off of it. Consistency is the key. My sense of smell is so heightened that I can smell a cake and know what it tastes like before I even eat it. My mother taught me and now I am teaching my sons and they will teach my grandchildren who are already interested in baking. My sons are master bakers and I am so proud of that. Our customers are accustomed to the taste and memories our pound cakes bring. They understand the importance of the consistency of the batter; they understand that our pound cakes take our customers back to their roots; and they understand the importance of fresh baked pound cakes.”

So, exactly what is the difference between a fresh baked pound cake and an ordinary cake you purchase from a store or a cake shop? Well, freshly baked means that Legacy pound cakes are prepared from scratch within a 24-hour time period and are made without added preservatives. Cakes sold in grocery stores and other bakery shops are either pre-packaged or mass produced and then frozen. Pound by Legacy Cakes, Inc. prides itself on being a fresh baked establishment.
Margaret Elaine shares, “We make our cakes daily. These other cake stores basically mass produce their cakes. When they run out, they go to their freezer or refrigerator and pull out a cake so it can unthaw and get room temperature. That is not what we do. When we run out of cakes, we prepare fresh batter and bake more maybe two or three times a day. Yes, it takes a little more time, but we believe it’s worth it. How many times have you ever walked inside of a cake shop and actually smelled a cake baking? Thankfully, our customers are patient and they will actually wait for it to come out of the oven or purchase what’s available. Those who wait get to experience a hot cake fresh out of the oven. Now how many cake shops can testify to that?” The signature cakes that run daily are the old-fashioned vanilla pound cake, the banana pudding pound cake, the lemon glaze or cream cheese pound cake, and the chocolate butter pound cake. Though these are more traditional pound cakes they also make specialty cakes to order.

The New Generation has chanced the mission and vision for the future of Legacy Cakes, Inc. Sons, Brandon and Anthony hope to franchise beyond Greensboro. They also plan to meet the demand of the pound cakes by taking online orders. At this point they are both working hard to create an avenue for this family recipe to become a part of the restaurant and dessert industry. They also hope to appeal to the millennials who have never consumed pound cake. They know that once people taste their pound cakes, they will want it again. Anthony shares, “The ultimate goal is to try and get something etched in stone where we can franchise to a new location in different states so others can have the experience that we have had our entire lives. I feel it’s my mission to go out there and make it happen so the world can share in our family recipe. I never thought we would actually have a shop where people would go crazy over a fresh baked cake. I mean this is a cake we grew up on. This is something special when customers eat it and talk about how it makes them think about their grandmothers’ cake. Our pound cakes take people back to a time that gives them comfort and makes them remember where they came from. I think that’s great. How many people do you know that have tasted a pound cake that takes them back to their roots? Those are not our words. Our customers tell us that over and over again.”

Much like his brother, Brandon has aspirations to see the family business make inroads outside of North Carolina, too. He believes he can strengthen their family business using the nuances of social media.

According to Brandon, “I’m really excited about the growth of the company. I believe the online orders can take us to places we are unable to reach physically. Getting the word out through social media is a good way to make our presence known, too. We already use Grubb Hub and that’s going well. My plan is to really expose our product in states where pound cakes are not so common. I always knew we had a good product and I know we have the potential for it to really become something special beyond the Greensboro community. I want to see us in all ethic and European markets. How many people can say that they ate a pound cake that takes them back to a time in their lives where they have a wonderful memory of their past. This is something we hear consistently. That in itself is worth the leg work in getting our product out so everyone can have this experience.”

So, where do Margaret Elaine, Brandon, and Anthony see themselves in the future? “The new generation has so many plans for the business like having an event center and marketing our bakeware, chef wear, a cookbook, and publishing my memoire. I’m also a professional Interior Designer and an Apparel and Wedding Dress Designer. I would love to have a small bridal boutique in the event center. I just think it all goes hand-in-hand especially since we already make beautiful and delicious wedding cakes. We want our customers to know that we are still here, our cakes are still fresh baked and mouthwatering, and we would like to thank those who have stood by us,” Margaret Elaine shares.

If you are interested in franchising Pound by Legacy Cakes, Inc. in your city please feel free to contact them.

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