Lei Lei’s Cuisine

by Tonya Dixon | May 7th, 2013
Leisha Patterson (Photo by Still Shots Photography)

Leisha Patterson (Photo by Still Shots Photography)

Leisha Patterson’s red velvet cakes taste like no other; or so she has been told. Her take on the classic dessert sells out every day. People have been known to purchase three to four slices at a time. Red velvet cake is not the only delicacy that Patterson has perfected. She has become quite the connoisseur of all desserts, baked goods and even full course meals. Leisha Patterson, or Lei Lei as she’s known to most people, is the founder, owner, director, head chef, operator and practically everything else of Lei Lei’s Cuisine.

During the 2001 Christmas season, the Winston-Salem native randomly decided to cook a big family dinner. Her endeavor was a huge success, so great in fact, that it compelled her husband (then fiancé), Timothy Patterson to gift her with a personalized apron emblazoned with the phrase, “Lei Lei’s Cuisine”. The gift was almost certainly meant to be a loving, complimentary gift, but resulted in being the symbolic main ingredient, which over the course of four years, combined with a generous dollop of prayer, a pinch of sincere thought, an ounce of consideration, pages of recipe ideas, dozens of cracked eggs, and countless perfecting taste testes to create Lei Lei’s Cuisine. Within no time, the business exploded. “Although that apron is very well used, I still have it,” Patterson laughs. “Fast forward to 2005, I became interested in providing culinary services and when my husband suggested that I sell some of my desserts, 40 cakes later in a month’s time Lei Le’s Cuisine was created.”

Lei Lei’s Cuisine is overwhelmingly known for all things dessert and baked goods related, but is notably just as adept for providing exceptional services for ALL culinary needs. From start to finish Lei Lei’s Cuisine can handle everything from the wedding cakes and dessert buffet bars to invitations, matching paper products and unique dessert displays. Patterson and her crew deliver, setup and will even stick around and assist with service to lessen the burden on the host.

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