Leneiva Head

by Terry Watson | September 20th, 2021
Leneiva Head

Leneiva Head

While she might be acknowledged as a successful entrepreneur, Leneiva Head is a lover of people at her core. In her chosen career path of real estate, this quality compliments her tenacity and drive to succeed.

Leneiva is the Principal Broker/Owner of Welcome Home Realty™, a real estate firm based in Nashville, TN. She is a native Nashvillian and Whites Creek High School Alumni. She’s also a scholar, holding several degrees; a Doctorate of Jurisprudence, Bachelors Management/Human Relations, and an Associates degree in Business Management/Small Business.

Leneiva has always possessed an entrepreneurial spirit and was determined to forge her own path. As a Certified Master Trainer, she found a way to capitalize on her background in training development, design, delivery, procedural and compliance auditing, workplace efficiency, and customer service. In 2001 she summoned the years spent assisting her mother with various entrepreneurial sales endeavors such as Mary Kay, Princess House, and Watkins, and took a leap of faith into real estate.

“Nearly 20 years ago, I simply decided to be the change I wanted to see, so I enrolled in real estate school and jumped in with both feet. Soon, I obtained my Broker’s license, and things began to move fast. In 2009, I stepped out on faith and opened the doors to Welcome Home Realty™ in Antioch, TN,” she says.

Leneiva’s real estate firm handles residential and commercial sales, leasing, and property management. She has served on several industry committees such as Arbitration, Affordable Housing, and Legislation.

This year she celebrated the 12-year anniversary of her BBB A+ Rated Real Estate Firm.

As stated, Leneiva has a natural love for people and shares how she enjoys the opportunity to show her clients how to get to a “yes” when everyone else has told them “no”. “At Welcome Home Realty, the focus is on customer care and the client. Our clients seek our expertise to assist with navigating complex real estate transactions. I teach them how to accomplish their goals without the stress often associated with real estate transactions. I accomplish this by providing each client with the knowledge and understanding of what to expect,” she says.

Because of her expertise in the real estate and design industry, she has been featured in print publications, radio, and television shows. She has also served for 14 years as a volunteer education facilitator with New Level Community Development Corporation (NLCDC).

Leneiva uses her knowledge and expertise of affordable housing to list and sell properties for builders and developers who desire to incorporate affordable homes in their build and design plans. In addition to the real estate firm, she owns a travel agency and operates a call center servicing various Fortune 500 companies.

The journey for Leneiva has come with its share of challenges. First of all, she is a double minority, and being so, she found it difficult to obtain funding to start her business. That didn’t stop her, and she responded by being resourceful. As a result, she opened the firm as a debt-free organization. Even more, Leneiva has always drawn from her role as a mother for inspiration. “As long as her son was happy, healthy, and well cared for – that’s all the motivation that I needed,” she says.

As complex as her life is, one might ask why did she invest her time and resources into obtaining a Law Degree. Her response, “My purpose for adding a law degree was to position myself to affect change. I’ve observed a lot of injustice in the family court system and realized that the only way to affect change – once again – was to be a part of the solution.”

Her advice to anyone who may follow in her footsteps is to be sure that you view your plan through a clear lens. “Realize that no one owes you anything. It is up to you to make things happen. When it looks like things may not work out, it is up to you to re-group, take a second look, and find the solution. Never give up. Always plan and always budget, and continue to educate yourself.
You must also be forever changing and evolving. This will help you and your business remain ahead of the curve and avoid unexpected surprises that could negatively impact you. It is okay to find a mentor and business advisor, for a trusted advisor is priceless,” she shares.

Moving forward, Leneiva will continue operating her real estate firm. She also plans to open and run a successful law firm focusing on family law. To learn more about Leneiva Head, please visit her website.

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