Leon Batts & Triad Cabinet Company

by Terry Watson | January 10th, 2014
Leon Batts (Photo by Still Shots Photography)

Leon Batts (Photo by Still Shots Photography)

In 1988 Leon Batts started his own business–Triad Cabinet Co Inc. He started out slow and small selling kitchen cabinets and renovations during the day and installing them at night. With just the help of one employee he was building his brand. Born and raised in Rocky Mount North Carolina, Batts moved to Greensboro to attend North Carolina A&T. Armed with a degree in business administration, he remained in Greensboro and began working for Burlington Industries. His employment was secure, but growth and promotion within the company didn’t look very promising. He accepted a bookkeeping position with Marsh Furniture Company in the city. It was a steady and consistent paycheck but it proved to be inadequate. Batts noticed that the salesmen’s salary was significantly more than what he was making. It was obvious that selling the product was the way to go. He knew it was something he could do, so he took a class in kitchen design, got certified and began selling and designing kitchens for the same company. Pretty soon he was the lead salesman—out performing all the others by significant margins. Following a change in company ownership, Batts was given an ultimatum. He had to either scale back and receive less pay or choose to move on from the company. Extremely confident in his own knowledge and abilities, he chose the latter. Batts knew the business, so it was only a matter of putting in the time and energy required to build his business. “I have always believed if you have a good product and you have a good price for that product and good service for that product, you can be successful in just about anything you do,” Batts says. “I know the business from top to bottom. From unloading trucks, sweeping the floors, to kitchen design and installation. I’ve done it all. I can fit just about any space. You tell me what you want and I can design it.” Triad Cabinet Company has successfully grown such that Batts doesn’t have to wear so many hats. As the owner, he is primarily the salesman and designer. The company provides full service kitchen and bathroom sales, design, renovation and installation. In fact, they stock kitchen and bath cabinets for immediate delivery, as well as countertops. Although cabinets are a specialty, the company has expanded to much more. Batts says customers can come to Triad Cabinet for complete turnkey service. The process is simple. A consultation appointment is arranged in the customers home where they can describe what they want. Measurements are recorded, and Batts may advise the customers regarding the best direction to take. The project is designed and products are selected including, cabinets, countertops, flooring and much more. Next, the final price is calculated including installation and the work begins. Although the company can’t boast to being the largest company of its kind, such as Lowes or Home Depot or even drive the amount of volume as those big, brand stores, the business is extremely unique in the services it offers that the bigger stores are simply unable to provide. Batts says, in general, Triad Cabinet Company offers an easier process and less expensive alternative to customers than the larger chain stores. “My prices are lower because my overhead is not as much as other businesses. Also with Triad Cabinet you are getting personal service. You deal with me or Eddie [his assistant] all the time. If you go to Lowes, for example, you may deal with one guy one day and someone different the next and yet someone else the next day and none of them know exactly what is going on with your project. Here, we know you and what you are trying to accomplish.” In addition he says the quality of work Triad Cabinet produces is second to none. Everything has Batts seal of approval. Unlike many of the big brand stores, Triad Cabinet employs its own installers rather than contract them out, which can add delays to a project and increased customer headache when they are forced to adhere to the varying schedules of multiple contractors. Batts says, “All of my installers work for me and only me. I can control their schedules because they are full time with me. Some other businesses have contractors and they can’t control when a contractor gets to a job, therefore a project could potentially drag on for weeks and months.” The company can complete and average kitchen or bathroom project from tear out to installation in one to four weeks. In addition, projects as simple as countertop or cabinet replacement could take as little as one week or even one day depending upon the customer’s specifications. In addition, the company has an onsite top shop where they are able to make, cut and cap Formica countertops, cut plywood and glass and customize them to customer’s specifications. Batts reiterates, “Even Lowes won’t do that. We make a finished product here.” It’s not just the quality, custom brand products like Kraftmaid, Quality Cabinets and Wolf Cabinets that customers appreciate from Triad Cabinet. It’s also the attention to detail they provide and extended service. Batts prides himself on the fact that his company sticks around and honors warranties and service calls well beyond the final sale and installation. If someone has a broken drawer or a part that needs repairing a year or two after installation do to normal wear and tear, we will still repair it, Batts says. The company stands behind every service it provides. In the 25 years that Triad Cabinet Company has been operating, the company has never had any problems or issues leveraged against it through the Better Business Bureau or any other regulatory agency. Over the years Batts has done thousands of kitchen and bathroom projects. He and his employees, all of which have been with the company for 20 years, know the business extensively. From mandatory codes to custom product and design options, they have it all covered. No job is too small or too large. From repairing small, broken cabinet doors to complete overhauls and renovations and even general furniture repair, Triad Cabinet is expressly able to handle every need and request

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