LeRone “Roc” Gray

by Terry Watson | May 22nd, 2020
LeRone “Roc” Gray

LeRone “Roc” Gray

LeRone “Roc” Gray is a Richmond, Virginia native as a graduate of Henrico High School, an alumnus of Virginia State University, and a former multi-sport athlete. Roc is a devoted son, loving fiancé and visual artist. Most importantly, he is a passionate Strength & Performance coach that specializes in holistic health, pain free functional movement, and sports performance training.

Roc is the owner of Go Hard Performance Systems in Richmond, Va. Go Hard Performance Systems is a strength and performance coaching provider that offers services in functional training, strength development, and sports performance with a holistic approach. Additionally, Go Hard Performance Systems offers services in-person, via online platforms, and has a full line of wearable merchandise. “GHPS is for those individuals who want to move pain free, be challenged mentally as well as physically, and ultimately grow in greatness,” he says.

Go Hard Performance Systems originated in 2016 after Roc graduated from college. It was rebranded in January 2020. “I had been an athlete all my life and like many others, I aspired to play football professionally. In pursuit of that throughout college, I devoted myself to strength and conditioning by researching programs, following prominent coaches and eventually earning a degree in Health and Physical education. During this time span aided quite a few athletes based on the work and changes I had achieved for myself. This along with the dream of being a successful business man I had as a adolescent, I took the time to make my business official,” Roc shares.

Roc says he loves the grind of his business. This is often accompanied with interacting with new people, earning their trust, setting a plan of action based on their goals and deficiencies, and ultimately seeing them expand as a person. “I feel great about the relationships I build during the process of transforming someone’s mind, body, and spirit. Although the money earned is great and needed to maintain a living, seeing the impact my efforts makes is astounding. I can honestly say I’ve had people I worked with years ago reach out and mention how something I did still positively effects them to this day, which is an indescribable feeling,” he says.

It is people who Roc says he is inspired mostly by. “The fight they show on a daily basis and taking opportunity after opportunity to better themselves is amazing to me. Even when times are hard, people find a way to strive forward. I know for some that isn’t easy so those who do it and thrive, that is all the inspiration I need. I want to be a helping hand in those stories where people achieve lifelong dreams, make a huge health change, and honestly become the greatest version of themselves,” he said.

In the future, Roc has set a few things in motion to take GHPS to the next level. “The main goal is to continue to grow and expand in a way that makes more positive impacts across the city. I would love for Go Hard Performance Systems to become the strength and performance provider for local high schools this year. That will afford opportunities to showcase what Go Hard Performance Systems is all about as well as filling a huge void for schools in the area. Within two to five years the goal is to have a facility for our clientele base to call home,” says Roc.

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