Life Can Be A Two Way Street

by Terry Watson | September 10th, 2014
Terry Watson – Editor

Terry Watson – Editor

According to an online dictionary, the definition of pessimism states it to be a tendency to see the worst aspect of things or believe that the worst will happen; a lack of hope or confidence in the future. Another one states that most people feel that too much pessimism is paralyzing — who will ever try anything if they believe they will surely fail? I believe that in order to love life, you must first learn how to live it.

The easiest way for someone to kill your ambition is by drowning your thoughts and your mind with disbelief and discouragement. I thank God for those who told me that I would never amount to much and also for those who cared enough to tell me that my future was bright. Even though I couldn’t see which direction I was headed in at the time, I remember the negative words hurting and the positive ones acting as a band-aid to my wounds.

We must guard our eyes and ears from dream killers. Not everyone is happy to see us succeed and a harsh reality is that those who are hurt will also hurt others.

Greatness requires one important ingredient ― ambition. If someone can steal your ambition, they are capable of stealing your hope. If your hope is compromised, your ability to survive today’s storm can seem far and out of reach. Instead of telling yourself or even someone else about the odds of failing verses succeeding, be optimistic and picture yourself in a better situation. Sometimes our blessings flow from how we treat others. If you can only reach someone by giving, then give all that God allows you to. Who knows, tomorrow it could easily be you on the outside looking in.

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