Limit Your Limitations

Kirby Wilson | July 15th, 2015
Kirby Denise

Kirby Denise Wilson

Do you remember playing the game “That’s My Car” or “That’s My House” as a child? In this game, children compete to find the most expensive or luxurious car or home, then claim it as their own. Unfortunately, one major difference between childhood and adulthood is losing the ability to dream. I have found that adults tend to settle and lose the desire to achieve more. When children are asked what they aspire to be as adults, most desire to be a firefighter, an actress, or a doctor. There is a suspension of disbelief. However, as we age, we limit our potential by placing less value on our dreams and aspirations.

Most people develop limitations because they lack vision. Vision is the ability to see beyond our present state with anticipation for future change. Lack of vision paralyzes us from moving forward. We ultimately give into our circumstances and become perpetrators of mediocre to lack luster results. If you have no vision, then you have no mobility; therefore, you are bound at your current level.

Many of our limitations are self-inflicted and can be altered by simply adding value to ourselves. Creating value and esteem starts by guarding our thoughts. It requires positive self-talk with constant reassurance that we are greater than our circumstances. We must not compare ourselves to others. We have to move beyond our own limiting beliefs that were fostered by ourselves and our environment, and gain confidence that we can accomplish anything. More importantly, we add value to ourselves by adding value to others. Serving others and making a difference is the ultimate reward. Not only are we furthering the betterment and productivity of mankind, we begin to recognize our worth.

Glenn Beck states, “The hardest part of the journey is believing you’re worthy of the trip.” In order to achieve success, we must perceive ourselves as already successful. It is my belief that if we are not dreaming, then we are not living. Living out our dreams allows us to limit the limitations that are placed upon us. We then become victorious over any self doubt and will transform into the person of our dreams as we change our thinking. By aligning ourselves with people and resources to aide in this process, our greater potential and value will be the reality.


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    Powerful words of wisdom. Thank you Great article

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