Lisa J. Crawford

by Terry Watson | May 21st, 2021
Lisa J. Crawford

Lisa J. Crawford

Lisa J. Crawford is the CEO of LJC Motivations, a foundation that allows her to reach millions of people around the world. She uses the avenue to spread her messages of hope, comfort, and inspiration. Primarily, LJC Motivations is a tool that promotes positive personal growth and provides a blueprint on how to achieve it.

Lisa shares that God has given her the ability to love, regardless of how she feels. “Where there should be hate, God has given me an understanding and a demonstration of His everlasting love and kindness for me. I am a Servant Leader to those that are forgotten in the workplace. I desire to see people thrive and be happy. If they can’t be happy or refuse to grow their mindset towards happiness, I pray to speak a word that will impact their soul and encourage change within their lives.”

Early in her life, Lisa has always dreamed of being a bestselling author. She would soon discover her special knack for giving hope to the wounded. With a first-hand experience of the trauma emerging from abuse, Lisa wields her life story as a tool to strengthen, heal, and motivate others. She made a name for herself as an advocate for victims of sex abuse. Now as a published author, her writings are aimed at encouraging women, she says she lives to motivate everyone, freeing them of the silent screams they hold within. Her book, Silent Screams was published in 2016 and is comprised of eight short stories detailing her traumatic life experiences. This product is also accompanied by a journal and e-book.

Lisa holds more than twenty years of experience as a motivational speaker, life coach, and non-fiction author. She has served as a hospitality consultant for two decades and holds a Business Degree in Organizational Management from Bethel University.

There are many things and individuals who have helped Lisa become the woman she is. “I have been blessed to have so many phenomenal people in my life. Where would I be without my mother? She loves people unconditionally, something that I have witnessed my entire life. She wants to see me move forward in every aspect of my life and that has given me the drive that I need to do so. I am inspired by the gift that God has given me to be authentic and connect with others who genuinely desire to impact our world positively,” she shares.

As she moves forward in life, Lisa doesn’t have any plans to slow down. “I have books coming out, and my goal is to take my speaking career to the next level and touch as many souls as possible. My story of pain and unbelievable mental suffering did not happen just for me to sit on and sulk it in. I believe it happened so that I can help the next person move forward to their next level.

There are also plans being drafted and a movie script that I am in discussions about. I believe that the plans for my next steps are not my own. God gave them to me and I don’t ever want to be in a place where I lean to my own understanding and not be in the will of God,” says Lisa.

To learn more about Lisa, please visit her website.

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