Lisa Santaigo

by Terry Watson | March 12th, 2016
Lisa Santaigo

Lisa Santaigo

Lisa Santiago says her name is not nearly as important as the people that she gets to serve. She is the founder of The Empowerment Center, a organization that is focused on empowering the community with economic independence through entrepreneurship. She is also an entrepreneurial coach and certified licensed master trainer. She is also a ordained minister and served as associate pastor at Redemption Christian Ministries until 2015.

The Empowerment Center is an incubator for entrepreneurial minded individuals. “We provide them with coaching, resources, tools and networking to support and grow their budding businesses,”says Santiago. “We are also a hub for the entrepreneur offering them the opportunity to go into business for themselves but not by themselves.”

Entrepreneurs are able to participate in weekly training in subjects to support them spiritually (mindset), personally (personal development) and professionally (business certifications, taxes, etc.) The Empowerment Center is concerned for the whole family and the entire community. Their programming offers something for everyone. The children have the opportunity to build and grow their own businesses at the ripe age of (7-17).

Their Building Young Entrepreneurs (B.Y.E.) program is for the youth 7-17 who have started their own businesses. Some of these include lemonade stand, a hair bow company, a babysitting company, and a basketball coaching company. “These kids are red-hot and ready to build and we are excited to give them their first showcase on April 2nd, 2016 at 3:00 p.m. at The Empowerment Center,” she says.

They have also partnered with Mature Entrepreneur, Steve Chapman to support those over 55 who are looking to finally start that dream business they’ve wanted, or those who just want to stay active and support the community. “We love the opportunity to gain the wealth of wisdom they have from their experiences and the young entrepreneurs enjoy the interaction,” says Santiago.

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