Live Your Dreams, And Dream Again

by Terry Watson | July 14th, 2017

Terry Watson – Editor

I would rather not dream or aspire to do anything, rather than to dream and never act upon them.  To me that is the equivalent of someone who talks the loudest but never says anything.  Those are juvenile acts of a person who is quick to critique others, yet remain tranquil with something that God has ordered for them to do.  For if we are blessed and fortunate to translate our thoughts into actions, we are also obligated to see them through.

If I can be genuine, I must admit that I haven’t acted on everything that has fizzled in my mind.  When I was five years old, or somewhere around that time, I remember standing on my dresser and singing my heart out to the tunes on the radio.  From that point, I knew I wanted to be like the people I was mimicking.  I would later grow up to realize that was only a dream.  Though I have fed this desire by singing in a choir, this dream has been settled.

As I have gotten older, I have realized that dreams also come in the form of visions from God.  Nearly 20 years ago, I asked God to bless me with something that will utilize my creativeness, gifts and talents, and He responded by blessing me with the vision for Huami Magazine.  It has become a huge responsibility as I have realized that in order for this vision to reach its fullest potential, I must allow my mind to dream and seek God for confirmation.

If your dream is to be a homeowner or start a business, don’t stop there.  If your desire is to be an elite athlete, don’t stop dreaming once you get into college.  The ability to dream and the opportunity to fulfill them is a blessing.  I believe that many times God will give us dreams and visions just so that others who are connected to us can be motivated to jump off of their logs and find themselves in their dreams.

President Barack Obama was one of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dreams.  What would the journey of African Americans be like if those who fought for our freedoms didn’t act upon or believe his dream.  Even more, what will we become if we cease to dream.  Dream, and dream again because there are so many more levels to your visions, and realizing them is a lifelong journey that requires us to return to God for direction and instructions on how to do so.


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