Lora McClain-Muhammad

Jalessa Rogers | May 21st, 2021
Lora McClain-Muhammad

Lora McClain-Muhammad

Growing up as a black child in America, there is and will always be a need for positive black representation. Author Lora McClain-Muhammad has found the perfect way to show that. She has created coloring books that are the perfect representation for young African American boys and girls to learn and become comfortable in their own skin.

Born and raised in Gary, IN, this former Fortune 500 sales and marketing manager did not dream of becoming an author. Her journey is what she describes in her own words as something that “God kept nudging her to do.”

It all began shortly after graduating from high school. The path she chose was one similar to one that a lot of members of her family took, entering the corporate world. Instead of attending college, she decided to take an opportunity presented to her. First, she took a test, gained a company’s interest with her gift of gab, and would eventually become a sales and marketing manager, enjoying a career that would span for almost 30 years.

Although she was very occupied with corporate America, she was still able to further her education and attend Park College while in her thirties. These were modest steps that would soon connect the dots of her career as an author.

“Becoming an author was a surprise journey for me and nothing that I even envisioned. However, when my granddaughter was born, I was given a vision to write a coloring book. Representation matters and I wanted my granddaughter to see a book that looks like her,” stated McClain-Muhammad. After being given this vision, she went on to create the “I Need You to Know” series with the first coloring book being titled “I Need You to Know the ABCs of Black Girl Magic” with her granddaughter as the cover image. Her second coloring book is titled I Need “You to Know the ABCs of a Young Kings Greatness” with another one that followed titled, “I Need You to Know #You Matter”. Despite the naysayers that tried to discourage her from this journey she was able to sell over 30,000 books and depicted members of her family as the images throughout her collection.

For Lora, it was all about finding her purpose in life. “I found my purpose and my calling doing these books. I’m happier and I feel freer than I’ve ever been. Nothing is better than seeing the smile on the little children’s faces during book signings or hearing them say ‘hey that looks like me” because they genuinely love the book,” she expressed.

Since the world changed because of COVID-19, she has not been able to do in-person book signings. However, she found a safe way to continue to tour and reach a broader audience. “I came up with a virtual book tour, along with five other African American women authors. We were able to reach children a lot further, virtually than in person. During these times of social injustice and unrest, I think that it’s a timely piece to show that representation does matter to our kids. Even more, they need to see themselves depicted beautifully. We address these issues with the release of “I Need You to Know…#You Matter,” explained McClain- Muhammad.

Lora is an indie author and will be celebrating her two year book anniversary this May. Her books are currently available on Amazon, Walmart, Barnes and Noble, and BAM.

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