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by Terry Watson | July 21st, 2016
Ronald & Melissa Thompson and family

Ronald & Melissa Thompson and family

Donald Thompson, also known as PR, is a husband and father of many children. He is the Senior Pastor of Love and Forgiveness Church in Durham, N.C. Most who know him would describe him as a very selfless man who has an unquestionable love for God. While others might say he tries to live his life so that others might see God in him. A native of Richmond Virginia, Ronald also believes that all people can live a prosperous life with Christ, just as long as they give God a chance.

Ronald and Melissa, along with all the owners of LFC have built a church where anyone is welcome to be served and fed. He believes God has called them to impact generations to come of younger people. Therefore, Ronald’s personal plight is to see young men raised up to be mighty men of God. “I came from the streets and experienced the world in all kind of ways. Now that I have Christ, I see life for what it is and what it should be,” says Ronald. “I want other people that come from the ‘hood and streets’ to know there is more to life than a hustle and the block,” he says.

Melissa, also known as Pastor Meeme, brings her own brand of flavor to their ministry. She believes that music is one way to bridge the gap between the Kingdom and the world, which is why she often rewrites songs to perform for the youth. She loves family, literally and figuratively. Along with Ronald they are parents to nine kids who make everyday of their lives adventurous and meaningful. Melissa also enjoys being a friend to others and serving in anyway needed. Melissa was born and raised in the backwoods of Virginia. Her first dream growing up was to sing and act in Hollywood. Now, her dream is to see others lives changed for the better.

Their testimony is very simple and mirrors most of the members of LFC. They have been shunned and talked about. They have made hundreds and thousands of mistakes and even committed the same sins over and over again, while expecting different results from God, but were not willing to sacrifice for spiritual gain. “We have and sometimes still choose the way of the world, and not the ways of God. But one thing that remains the same, Jesus still loves us. He died for us so because of Him, we are free from condemnation and been made clean,” says Melissa.

LFC began in the Thompson’s home during the summer of 2012 with just their existing family members that totaled five. “We openly began to invite friends and neighbors in and our membership grew to living room capacity by the end of summer,” says Melissa. As God would have it, they grew tremendously, and they soon conducted services at North Carolina State University’s Arboretum in September of 2012.

LFC offers a serving experience on Sunday mornings at 10:00 a.m., where everyone is welcomed to come in as they are and hear God’s Word. There is no dress code, no spirit code, and no religion code. “We encourage people to come and hear the word, plain,” says Ronald. “We believe in healthy relationships whether it be a young child, teen, single, married, or seasoned adult. We offer fellowship opportunities for the different groups to provide environments for healthy relationship development outside of the church walls”.

LFC has a “No Judge Zone” from the parking lot to the very place where the word is rendered. According to Melissa, they are a group of young, imperfect people serving a perfect God. “We do not believe it is our job to change people through hell-bound Word, but through the Word and love of Christ because we love as Christ loves us. We are here in this city purposely reaching people that are near and far from God to teach them the love of Christ,” she says. Their vision is intertwined in 1 Peter 4:8 which says, “Love covers a multitude of sins”.

Ronald says they are after the un-churched. They are not recruiting people that are in their set churches. “We are here for people who feel like they do not belong in a church because of how they look, because of their sexuality, because they once didn’t believe, because they’ve been hurt by someone in the church, because they drink, smoke, live unmarried, club, or whatever. These very people used to be all of us one point of time. These very people are still at LFC, being developed,” he says. Unfortunately, many will come and not return because they feel once the church finds out what they are doing outside the walls, they will not be loved or welcomed. This is far from the truth at LFC. “Consistency, is the key to growth and prosperity in the things of God and life,” says Ronald.

They currently reside at Mercury Studios at 401 W. Geer Street in Durham, N.C., and are in a progression stage in which they are developing themselves and God’s people to build His Church, according to His plan. LFC is anticipating a re-launch in the near future and are embracing new partners to assist in pushing God’s vision.

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