Lynn Whitney Williams

by Terry Watson | September 19th, 2019
Lynn Whitney Williams

Lynn Whitney Williams

Financially Crowned Queen, a new nonprofit organization that has launched a variety of free programs that cater to the youth and young adults of all backgrounds in low income neighborhoods to educate them through financial services such as credit and money management, banking, entrepreneurship, real estate investment, and home ownership. Through interactive activities and hands on classes, Financially Crowned Queen aims to provide financial, intellectual, and educational growth to each individual that is interested in bettering themselves.

Founder and CEO, Lynn Whitney Williams, known well for her 10 years of experience in the banking industry in which she was able to manage accounts for prominent community figures such as Grammy Award winners, NBA players, community leaders, and many more founded this nonprofit organization in September of 2017 to ensure that our community had a free resource of financial education.

Her journey has allowed her to speak with over 25,000 students and adults about financial literacy and assist over 300 individuals in starting their business or non-profit organizations in the past two years. Lynn has had the opportunity to see hands on what the need of the individuals in our community is… and that is hope and money.

Williams states “You aren’t living on purpose until God places you in uncomfortable situations to make you remember his purpose.”

Her passion for self-development, education, and the power to change to create a better mindset financially for others, is what made her step out on faith and quit her job as a branch manager to become a full time entrepreneur in September of 2018. As a result, she was able to do more in the community and create her own financial literacy and entrepreneurship curriculum that is currently being taught in local middle and high schools in the Mid-South to also provide certifications to students who pass and complete the program.

Financially Crowned Queen programs include “Queening My Finances,” a free credit and money management webinar that is hosted every third Thursday of the month on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. This webinar teaches individuals how to understand credit, how to read their credit report, complete dispute letters, and more. The newest program, C.H.A.N.C.E, an acronym for credit, home ownership, accountability, neighborhoods, choice, and entrepreneurship, will launch in the spring of 2020 to educate and provide a co-working space for entrepreneurs.

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