by Terry Watson | January 24th, 2020
Autumn Page Prather & Sydnei Page Everett

Autumn Page Prather & Sydnei Page Everett

Autumn Page Prather understands that motherhood is the hardest job on the planet, yet is the most rewarding. Moreover, this mother knows that leaving a legacy to her children is the single most important thing she can do to ensure that her pedigree continues to thrive and survive.

She is the co-founder and CEO of (M.A.D.E.) The Mother & Daughter Experience , a 501 (c) 3 organization that promotes the sacred bonds between mothers and daughters, so that relationships are enhanced now and for generations to come. M.A.D.E sponsors, hosts and/or participates in events and activities that help foster the sacred bond between mothers and daughters.

The program offers tailored workshops, seminars, summits and retreats on a variety of themes including but not limited to self-worth, leadership and team-building skills. M.A.D.E is available to professional keynote speakers for formal and informal events centered around women and girl’s empowerment. M.A.D.E hosts an annual Mother/Daughter Breakfast to celebrate mothers, grandmothers, god-mothers, step-mothers and the village who all play important roles in the rearing of our daughters.

The Mother & Daughter Experience was founded in response to a 10 year journey of wanting to do something to honor Autumn’s late mother, Mrs. Linda Marie Everett who passed away April 24, 2009. “In January 2019, as I was lying in bed recovering from a difficult surgery, and I had an epiphany. I wanted an opportunity to share how my daughter and I created a unique bond through love, wisdom, and understanding. I wanted a chance to showcase that kind of bond with her because my mother and I shared that uniqueness as well. I declared that generational curses and dysfunction would stop with us and we would encourage others to look for their unique bond and create their own mantra for a better future. I called my daughter, who was 19 years old at that time, and told her about my idea and titled her the Executive Director,” she says.

A passionate leader with over 24 years of professional experience in the financial and insurance sectors, Autumn is a 1997 Cum Laude graduate of Tennessee State University and brandishes a degree in Business Administration. She was initiated into the Alpha Psi Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc, in 1995 and is a 1998 charter member of Upsilon Psi Omega Chapter. She has been employed at UBS Financial Services, Inc. for 15 years and is currently a Senior Business Analyst in the Investment Bank division.

Autumn’s daughter, Sydnei Page Everett is the co-founder and Executive Director of The Mother & Daughter Experience. She is currently enrolled at Tennessee State University an is majoring in Health Sciences with a concentration in Public Health. She is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., in the Honors College, a member of the National Honor Society of Leadership and Success and apart of the Student Government Association, Student Union Board of Governors. Sydnei is the former President of the Top Teens of America, Nashville chapter. She is also involved with The Positivity Board and Undergraduate Students National Dental Association (USNDA). In her spare time, she enjoys being a middle school cheer coach, motivational speaking, traveling, service to the community and mentoring young girls.

The recipients of the services that (M.A.D.E.) offers are women and girls of all ages, races and ethnicity. “If you are a woman who is a mother-figure to a young girl and/or you had a hand in helping to raise her, our services are for you. If you are a teacher, coach, sponsor or administrator who wants to improve mother and daughter relationships, so that the quality of life for girls in your care is enhanced, our services are for you. If you are an organization that wants to partner together to bring awareness to the community for greater impact, our services are for you,” says Autumn.

Autumn shares she absolutely loves tapping into an area that a lot of people tend to shy away from. The mother/daughter relationship is extremely complex and it’s not easy to navigate. “Our relationship is not perfect at all. But, we are intentional about making sure that love is in action, that wisdom is heard and respected and that understanding is felt. I love that we are impacting generations of women and girls, mothers and future mothers and are encouraging mothers to be the role model for their daughters. Healthy relationships are so very important and we believe that the mother/daughter bond sets the stage for every subsequent relationship in a girl’s life – whether romantic or platonic. My mother and her grandmother is the catalyst behind our non-profit and I love that most of all,” she says.

As with any nonprofit organization, they rely heavily on donations from the general public. Along with their services, they have also established The Mrs. Linda M. Everett Arts Memorial Scholarship Fund. This fund awards monies to those who desire to obtain a degree in the Fine Arts, as Autumn’s mother was an avid proponent for the arts as a dance instructor and sound engineer. They also look to help with any arts related activities for children. Having their 501(c)(3) designation is certainly a plus, however funding has been a big challenge.

Autumn shares her mother has definitely impacted her life the most. “She instilled an impeccable work ethic in me, to be graceful and authentic at all times and to simply live life on my own terms,” she says.

Moving forward, their plan is to continue to get the word out about The Mother & Daughter Experience, its mission and purpose. “We hope to seek out opportunities to share space with other mother and daughter duos to ignite those sacred bonds. We also plan to promote our 2nd Annual Mother/Daughter Breakfast Affair coming up in June 2020. It will be titled ‘Generational Gemstones’. We are actively seeking sponsorship at this time. Additionally, we endeavor to endow the memorial scholarship so that we can begin awarding funds to deserving students,” she says.

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