Mac Royals

Dorjae' McClammey | September 20th, 2021
Mac Royals

Mac Royals

Malcolm Allen, better known as Mac Royals is someone you can describe as super talented. The 29-year-old musician who grew up in Wrightsville, Arkansas, is a musician, photographer, videographer, director, artist consultant, and chef.

Music has always been a part of Mac, even from birth. Everyone in his family sings; his mother, father, brother, sister, even his grandfather. He was a part of the children’s choir until his voice became so powerful that he was moved up to the adult choir.

In elementary, Mac started to dabble in different aspects of the arts. He chose to play the violin for a couple of years, with the help of one of his teachers, Mr.Crips. “I loved him to death because he was very stern. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have fallen in love with music the way I did,” he shares. From there, He started writing his own music and falling in love with it more and more.

Unfortunately, his father was incarcerated for most of his early childhood and teen years. Still, Mac kept focused with the help of his community around him, especially his guardian angel, older cousin Marcus Wilson. Marcus was a rapper himself, so he would set up studio sessions for him and his cousin. This was when Mac recorded his very first song at the young age of 13.

To say Mac is talented is an understatement. He described his style of music as “feels.” “I perceive music as power because it can shift the atmosphere any of a room, space or mood. Do you understand how powerful that is, and I have the ability to do that at will,” he says.

The road to becoming who Mac Royals is today has not always been the easiest. There were so many ups and downs, “everybody wants to be a part of the mountain, but nobody wants to be a part of the valley.” His artistry is his everything and he has to live a very transparent life, so he lets people know that it’s not easy, nor is it for the soft-hearted. Mac even states that he’s glad he did not win the American Idol competition he particpated on in 2013, because the individual he was then would not have been able to handle what was to come.

He went through a major depression once he was eliminated from American Idol because he felt that he failed to take care of his family. Once he returned home, he stayed inside for a month. No one even knew he was back. He remained in this state until someone finally sat him down and told him to think about where he came from and what he accomplished. “You won by even getting out of here. You won the moment you believed in yourself enough to try it, even though you didn’t know what was going to happen,” Mac says. He realized he was so focused on the negative that he didn’t even focus on the fact he made it to the top 20. “I didn’t even know that I deserved to be in spaces like this, but I had to be so that I would understand that my creator gave me this opportunity. Learning this allowed me to see a glimpse into what I could be if I just kept working.”

Another challenge he faced was differentiating between real life and artistry. Sometimes he can get so caught up in his artistry that he forgets about real life. “I don’t know if that’s good or bad because in some of those spaces where I forgot about life, I created something so beautiful that when I came back to life, I felt a bit out of touch,” he shares.

I asked Mac what inspires him the most, and the answer was simple “life.” “My inspiration comes from life, and being a musician, I have to find inspiration in life to write about life. The heartache, the love, the anger, frustration. I have to be open enough to write and sing about it all.”

As for the future of Mac Royals, we can all expect big things. While continuing to make music, he plans to drop an autobiography along with a whole new line of products on his website. There, he has all-natural body butters and sugar scrubs, bath bombs, candles, and more available. They are made with his very own formula he calls Royal Honey. Additionally, all of these products are handmade by amazing black women, right in Arkansas.

Mac shared some advice for those who may follow a path similar to his. “On your journey, there are going to be a lot of people that tell you, what to do, how to do it, and how they believe you should do it, but never allow someone on the outside of the vision to distract you from it”.

To learn more about Mac Royals and his music, please visit his website.

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