Makeisha Melton

Ayana Bryant | September 20th, 2021
Makeisha Melton

Makeisha Melton

When you think of professional attire, one may imagine pantsuits and long sleeve shirts. It is deemed professional when the design of clothes covers the body and doesn’t remotely make you seem provocative or alluring. This kind of everyday style can condemn your thoughts. Ultimately, you begin to believe that fashion and work cannot coexist. Makeisha Melton has made it her purpose to challenge this notion.

Makeisha is the owner of Blue Gems Boutique, an online store located in Dublin, GA. Makeisha mixes vogue with sass, and comfortability with white-collar attire, assuring her clients that style and professionalism are not foreign concepts. “I have something for all body types. My collection ranges from two-piece sets to jumpsuits and casual wear, including dresses, t-shirts, and jewelry,” she says.

The idea for Blue Gems Boutique came to Makeisha mind in 2019, but the online store was launched in 2020. By doing so, it helped Makeisha to be able to express her creativity on a much grander scale. “I knew I wanted to do something with fashion. I was like, I think I can do this. I’ve always loved fashion and had an eye for colors and texture,” she shares. “I believed my eye for fashion could help women in the African American community.”

Her creative repertoire shows through her human interest also. From hair school to constant hours of Youtube trials, her pins for fashion and designing grew to the online boutique. It also gave her a platform for what she was born to do. She took inspiration from preppy-textbook looks and IMartha, another fashion boutique, and created unique items for herself and her.

Being a relatively new small business, Blue Gems Boutique has been making big waves with women because of its versatility and various size options. It was important for Makeisha to capture the essence of women at work and in everyday loungewear. Her goal is to make her clients feel confident and happy with themselves. “I love that I see people, well women, embracing their body types,” Melton describes as she explains what her line is about. “I love when my clients feel confident in it. It means that I have reached my goal of providing comfortability, confidence, professionalism, and compassion.”

Makeisha is inspired by the kinds of women that she represents and the willingness to get better at what she does. She also loves the opportunity to engage with clients, both new and old, and to be able to show them a side of themselves that has never been seen. “My customers keep me going. The reviews get me super excited. As well as the emails, feedback, and encouraging words from people I don’t even know. It keeps me going. It keeps me level,” she shares.

Of course, every entrepreneur is perceived to be strong and courageous. Still, Makeisha’s biggest challenge was not only surviving the Covid 19 pandemic but also getting the Blue Gems Boutique name out there. “In the beginning, I was worried about being shy and quiet. I’ve never really talked to many people in my hometown, so I was a little apprehensive about networking,” she says.
Still, she knew for her business to survive, she would have to talk. Even more, without proper exposure, Makeisha feared that it might not be the right time to start a brand. Her business knowledge was not so strong, but she believed that God had a plan.

In the future, Makeisha hopes to expand her boutique to a storefront. With pop-up shops, and her brand growing on social platforms like Instagram and Facebook, she believes that she will achieve her dreams. The determining factor for Makeisha is that she has a strong will to survive. I will not give up, and I can’t give in. I have to stick to the plan.”

To learn more about Makeisha Melton and The Blue Gem Boutique, please visit their website.

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