Marcel Miller

by Terry Watson | March 15th, 2018
Marcel Miller

Marcel Miller

Marcel Miller of Richmond, VA is committed to being involved in her community. She owns and operates Fancy Feet Mobile Nail Salon. Fancy Feet began operations in October 2008 and currently contracts with retirement homes, assisted living, and nursing home communities to provide manicures and pedicures to their senior clients. Marcel also directs the Lighthouse Resource Center, RVA which opened its doors in 2015. There she conducts classes, seminars, and events. They also work with churches, clubs, and other groups to encourage their members towards personal, financial, and spiritual growth.

The Lighthouse Resource Center is a newly formed non-profit organizations with a 501(c)(3) status. Marcel says they have quickly learned that showing compassion and concern for a stranger is not always an easy task. “Because we have concern for all mankind, the task at hand is not considered a burden. We help each other and try to encourage all with patience. We are white collar workers, blue collar workers, retirees, entrepreneurs and all co-laborers with Christ,” Marcell states. They concentrate their efforts in the Richmond area and surrounding counties.

Marcell was born and raised in Brockton, MA along with her nine brothers. She is next to the last born out all of her siblings. She moved to Virginia in 1987. Currently married, Marcell has three children which she says have grown into successful adults. Marcell cared for her mom for 20 years. The home health aides weren’t allowed to cut her mother’s fingernails or toenails, so she took that on as her own responsibility. “My job as a secretary for a Roofing company was laying off and I saw a need and sought for ways to be more educated on caring for her,” she says.

Fancy Feet Mobile Salon gives Marcel the freedom to provide a unique and needed service to individuals who have a hard time helping themselves. It also provides her the freedom to be versatile while giving back to her community. However it does come with its own set of challenges. “Communicating to families that don’t visit with their loved ones on how important my services are without being offensive can be challenging. A lot of people look at manicures and pedicures as a luxury, but for the elderly it is necessary for safety and sanitation,” she says.

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