Margaria Bullock

by Terry Watson | September 19th, 2019
Margaria Bullock

Margaria Bullock

For most who know her, she is often referred to as Margaria Bullock. For her more sound circle of friends and acquaintances, she is often called “Boobie”, a title she has answered to since a very young age.

Margaria is a established business owner that operates within the city of Richmond, Va. She is also a mother and self-described go getter, who promises to finish anything that she starts. As the owner of Braids By Boobie Hair Studio, Margaria is afforded the opportunity to share her god given gift of hair styling with anyone who seeks her services. Her business also allows her to showcase her own brand of creativity with various styles of braiding and more.

She began braiding hair at the age of 13. Now at the age of 34, she has worked in three hair salons during her career, all before eventually owning the first salon she ever worked at. “When I was 32, I finally decided to open my own business so that I could employ those work in this profession and have a desire to prosper.
“At my salon, I offer creative braid art, in natural and weave styles for both men, women, kids, and babies. I promote hair care and growth and educate my clients on the importance of maintaining healthy hair,” she says. “I love making my clients feel great about their hair. I find it to be very gratifying when my clients share the compliments they receive while exhibiting my original styles and hair art. I also love it when the kids are able to admire their natural beauty with age appropriate hair styles. Each client and each experience is what makes it all worth it for me,” she says.

As a business owner, Margaria has faced several challenges. With success, also comes many responsibilities. There are long hours that she is required to put in, all while being a mother. Fortunately, her daughter is able to offer some assistance as her shampoo girl, in addition to playing two sports and attending school.
In the future, Margaria hopes to start traveling with her business. This includes the possibility of producing hair shows in Richmond. These she believes will bring people together from all walks of life. Contact Margaria at Braids By Boobie Hair Studio for more information.

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