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by Terry Watson | September 15th, 2020
Maria Rochelle (Photos by Carl Marxx)

Maria Rochelle (Photos by Carl Marxx)

Maria Anderson-Moton is a bona fide hustler and is strategically establishing herself in the world of business and entrepreneurship.

The Memphis Tennessee native and now Dallas/Fort Texas resident can be described as loving, reliable, giving, and resourceful. She has defied the odds and overcome many obstacles in her lifetime. Maria was raised in a poverty-stricken home. After losing her mother when she was only three years old, instead of falling behind, she rose to the moment and taught herself how to read and write. She has endured many struggles, both internally and externally, yet she persevered and never accepted defeat as an option.

At the age of 12, Maria started working a job as a means to survive, and she has never looked back. “Each day is another opportunity to be optimistic, an inspiration and be a blessing to others. When the enemy said no, God said yes,” she professes.

Today, Maria is a loving mother of three beautiful children, and a full-fledged entrepreneur, having started multiple businesses. These include MariaSellsBK, Cookie’s Closet, Inspire by MariaRoChelle, and Inspiring You 2 Inspire Others.

With MariaSellsBK, she offers adult intimate products, sexual education books, multi-purposed wellness products, cosmetics, and much more. With Cookie’s Closet, her focus is to provide her clients with closet decluttering and organization services. “During the decluttering process, I will have the customer to confirm if they would like to keep the item for use or declutter. If the customer chooses to give unwanted items to charity, I gather the items and drop them off. In the organizational process, I organize items in the closet after consulting with the customer. Next, the customer can decide what they want, and I comply,” she says. Inspire by MariaRoChelle is a life coaching and notary business. Lastly, Inspiring You 2 Inspire Them is an upcoming non-profit organization that will assist survivors of domestic violence with resources and support.

Presently, Maria is providing resources such as housing, food, utility and gas assistance. Additionally, she also teaches her clients how not to become victims of domestic violence and be self-sufficient. She is also in the process of obtaining her 501c3 for the organization.

Each of Maria’s businesses officially started in 2020. “It was like a domino effect, she shares. “Once I started one, then I started the others”. She has been a life coach for individuals and families for several years and been commended for her ability to make others feel at ease while talking with them. She has worked at companies as a Health Advocate or Family Support before deciding to become certified. “I believe that life was never meant for it to be lived alone, and in my life coaching sessions I am my client’s cheerleader and accountability partner. You never know what you are capable of until you see it from someone else’s perspective. I never thought I was an awesome wife, mom, and friend until someone named all the things I accomplish on a daily basis. Many people go day to day dwelling on what’s wrong about their life. I concentrate on the good and address how we should go about correcting the wrong.”

Maria has spent the last five years researching and gathering information for my planned nonprofit. “I’ve always wanted to help others and believe the purpose of each trial or tribulation I have gone through was to assist others. At age 14, I attempted suicide due to the long term sexual and mental abuse I had endured. At age 26, I found myself starting life over after leaving my ex-husband. It was time to end the 10 years of being physically, emotionally, and mentally abused. I thank the Lord for life. Though I have been chipped, I am not broken,” she says.

Maria shares her belief of how many people fall victim to domestic violence due to a lack of information or a support system. “Victims are people who succumb, and survivors are people who survived. I am a survivor, and not a victim. Therefore, I am providing resources and services to bring forth more survivors and eventually end domestic violence once and for all,” she says.
The concept of Cookie’s Closet came to Maria like most other things in her life. “Anytime I am upset or just bored, I go to my closet. It is my “happy place”. I have organized closets for a few family members and friends back in Memphis, and they would always encourage me to organize for a living. When I moved to Fort Worth, I posted my closet on social media and people loved it. So, I decided to start a closet decluttering and organization business,” Maria says.

For some time, Maria wanted to bring the ‘sexy’ into the bedroom. Kandi Burruss (Xscape, Real Housewives of Atlanta) has been an inspiration for her dating back to 2000. So when she started the Bedroom Kandi Parties Boutique in 2012, Maria wanted to join the company but worried what others would think. When COVID-19 pandemic arrived, the economy experienced a negative shift and many people were being laid off from their jobs or were furloughed. The wheels in her head started to turn. Maria says she watched Kandi’s Instagram feed one day, the “Don’t Rush Challenge” and immediately realized that it was time for her to take a leap of faith. “I consulted with my then husband who approved, and MariaSellsBK was born,” she shares. “Kandi teaches and encourages us to have multiple streams of income. Our motto is to earn, empower, and educate.”

Maria is inspired by her mother’s Cynthia Anderson and Dot Fletcher, and her children Ronald, Kiera, and MacKenzie. The loss of her biological mother at such an early age was detrimental she says. However, it shaped her into the person she is now. “My mothers’ memory pushes me on each day,” she says.

Her adopted mother, who is also her cousin stepped in at a time when she was completely lost. She gave Maria wisdom, love, and support; something that she wasn’t accustomed to. She also shares how she was told she would never have kids and then it happened. “Never could I imagine a world without them. I am blessed to have my babies and thank God for trusting me enough to be their mother. I want to make them proud because they deserve nothing but my very best,” Maria says.

In the future, Maria is planning to acquire an actual suite instead of working from home. She is also in the process of creating websites for all her businesses. There are also talks of writing a book. Who knows,” she says.

For those who may follow in her footsteps, she offers some advice. “Pray and ask God for direction. Prayer absolutely works. There’s power in words so speak whatever you want into existence. Never give up. If you do not have a healthy support system, you must get you one. You will have some days when you question your plans, actions, and vision. Just know that the enemy will make attempts to derail you. You will need someone to discourage you from throwing in the towel. You must stay optimistic and think positive. If you believe things will never work out, it may not. Write your vision down and steps to make it happen. Research and network with like-minded people. Don’t be afraid to move,” she says.

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