Marquise Broadnax

Dawn Cauthen-Thornton | July 17th, 2019
Marquise Broadnax (Photos by Still Shots Photography)

Marquise Broadnax (Photos by Still Shots Photography)

Not many entrepreneurs can start a business without actually being in that particular line of work, but when you have favor, nothing can stop you. Marquise Broadnax, owner of B.E. Suite Hair Studios, a full-service hair salon, opened the doors to not only allow stylists to offer their services, but to share the love of Christ.

Broadnax is an educator, business owner, and lead pastor at Revelations Life Empowerment Center. As a pastor, he helps people find their passion which also allows him to find his. “During my pastoral training, I was challenged to revisit the vision that I had written for my life some years back. And one of those things was to own a hair salon,” he shares.

He freely admits that he doesn’t know the first thing about styling hair, but he does have the gift of leadership. And he loves to be able to create the opportunity for others to utilize their passion. “My mom used to do hair and my sisters are hair stylists. I have so many people around me with that gift,” he said. The idea of opening a salon manifested in 2013 but he took time to research the endeavor, consult with other salon owners, and pray about the strategy needed to have a successful one.

The 32 year old knows it takes time, effort, and consistency, but he has seen major growth in the clientele since B.E. Suite’s grand opening in April 2019. His sister, Ashanti Harris, is lead stylist as well as the salon manager, while another sister, recently licensed as a cosmetologist, will start in the near future.

When it was time to decide on a name for the salon, he incorporated his own name, Broadnax, and came up with Broadnax Elite. Elite sets the standard for the type of service the salon provides during each customer experience, as he wants that to set them apart from the rest of the salons in the area.

It’s evident that the Danville, VA native enjoys uplifting those around him, including his students. He’s been an educator for over 13 years, starting as a substitute teacher, then a teacher’s assistant, and is currently a middle school choral director and a college professor at NC Central University, although he’s an alumnus of NC A&T State University.

“My alarm clock goes off every morning at 6:15 a.m. and says ‘Change the world one student at a time’. So that helps me focus on what I’ve been called to do. So when I go through the doors of the school, I look at my students and know that I have to do whatever I can to help them get to wherever they want to go,” Broadnax explains. He knows that black male teachers are a rarity, so he makes a concerted effort to be present.

He makes the same effort with his hair studio by conducting random visits to check on the clients as well as the stylists. The stylists are the backbone of his business and without them, it would fail completely.

Just listening to all the ventures Broadnax is involved in makes me tired but staying busy is all he knows. The eldest of eight children takes his brotherly duties seriously too, void of his overloaded schedule, and sometimes gets reprimanded by the younger siblings for acting like he’s their father. He wears the badge proudly.

“I’m stretched but I don’t feel like I’m stretched,” he laughs. He values family time and makes every attempt to spend it with his large family, though his siblings are spread out. Considering he is the oldest, he hopes that he’s paving the way and setting a good example for the younger siblings to follow. Years ago, he may not have been able to say that he wanted anyone to follow in his footsteps. He was failing in school, not taking his education seriously, and wasn’t sure if he would even finish with a degree. But God, and grandma. During visits, his grandmother would always ask him had he finished school yet, even though she, nor his parents earned degrees. She saw the value in education and how it would change his life. It took longer than expected, and he didn’t end exactly where he started, but Broadnax continued pushing forward and earned his bachelor’s degree as well as his master’s degree, and is currently working towards his Ph.D.

From reinventing his first business, to creating a new one with B.E. Suite Hair Studios, and everything in between, he understands that never settling and never allowing others to settle is his purpose. He shares one of his favorite scriptures, Romans 8:28 – ‘And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose’.
Broadnax truly feels that he must live up to those standards.

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