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Junios Smith | May 15th, 2019
Jermaine and Sharon Marsh (Photos by Pharenheit Photography)

Jermaine and Sharon Marsh (Photos by Pharenheit Photography)

Jermaine Marsh’s concept was a thought for a while, but decided to follow through.

Marsh and his wife, Sharon, started Marsh’s Rentals in 2016, a Durham-based company set to supply party needs, such as tents, tables, flatware and furniture. Marsh said there were humble beginnings, but the support has helped the business flourish.

“This was something I’ve wanted to do for a long time,” Marsh said. “My wife and I entertained this personally and it was almost a natural move since we started. People borrowed a lot of things from me throughout the years for different parties and cookouts, so I thought ‘why don’t I turn it into a business?” Entrepreneurship is a great way to go. “We got the Tax ID in 2015, but didn’t get started until 2016. At the time, we didn’t have much inventory — we started with maybe 100 chairs, 14 to 15 tables and a few linens.” The amount of material has skyrocketed over the past few years with support.

“Right now, we’ve been able to expand to 700 to 800 chairs, a couple hundred tables and about a hundred sets of linens,” Marsh said. “We’ve got backdrops and dishes — which we didn’t have when we first started — and right now we can seat about 400 people, with the opportunity to mix and match beyond that.”

Marsh said there hasn’t been an issue traveling either. The organization has worked across the Research Triangle Park area, but also hit places such as Greensboro, High Point and Burlington while trying to establish the brand. “We’re still a young business,” Marsh said. “We’re very hungry and passionate in what we do. Over the years, we’ve been building clientele and thankful to have repeat customers, who seek us for all kinds of events. In turn, that leads to others who want to use our services because of the positive referrals.”

Sharon Marsh, Jermaine’s wife, said the business has its ways to differentiate itself from competitors. “We deliver and set up, which is something most places won’t do,” she said. “When I sit down with a client, they’ll tell us what they need for an event, we’ll take that information and then head out to the venue in order to make sure we’re prepared for what they need us for. We measure the space before the day of the event and assure everything is fine. This way, the client can concentrate on their day instead of worrying if we’re able to deliver. Our goal is to make things easier and allow you to have a great time at the event.”

The Marsh’s also work full-time jobs — Jermaine with UPS and Sharon in the Durham County area. Still, Jermaine Marsh said there’s no issue when it comes to the business. “We have a staff of roughly seven people — nine including my wife and I — but we just work it out,” Marsh said. “If there are things planned during the week, we’ll try to set things up in order to make sure we can handle the obligations. If we’re not able to staff it ourselves, we’ll have one of our staff members do it.

“Just because my wife and I work full-time jobs doesn’t mean we’re not able to service our customers here. We work our (9 to 5) shifts, then go home to work on our business. We work seven days a week and don’t catch much of a break, but this is something we enjoy. In this type of business, you have to be passionate and we don’t approve of wasting time.”

Marsh said he enjoys being able to run a business and bring smiles to the faces of those utilizing the services.

“The advantage of entrepreneurship is that you’re betting on yourself for the success of your business,” Marsh said. “For us, we put God first and everything else comes secondary — when you rely heavily on Him and give Him honor and glory, what you discover is that everything else falls into place. You’ll find the strength within you that sometimes you didn’t know you had. It’s also a sense of pride you have when it comes to owning your own business and servicing people. It also feels good to receive feedback for the work you do, which keeps you going. Without it, we don’t know where we stand.”

“We’ve always appreciated referrals. We’ve had clients who went to an event we helped put together tell others who didn’t know about us, and they had the opportunity to see our work. They’re able to get a first-hand look and see what we’re capable of doing, so that type of marketing speaks for itself,” he said. “While the goal is to be successful, there’s no reason to gouge the consumer. We don’t want to just sell you stuff to run your invoice or quote up. If we feel like there’s something you may not need, we’ll cut costs in the evaluation. I don’t feel right selling something just for the sake of making a dollar — I’d rather not make a profit and do a great job over providing someone with items they don’t need.”

The long-term plan for Marsh’s Rentals is to have the opportunity to branch out. “Ideally, we’d like to have our own venue to host receptions, parties, weddings, corporate events and anniversaries,” Marsh said. “That would be something we look at as a goal we want to obtain. We also hope to run the business full-time and hire a full-time staff.”

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