Martin Bailey – Voice of Triumph

Toya Moore | January 17th, 2019
Martin Bailey (Photos by Apollo Wonex)

Martin Bailey (Photos by Apollo Wonex)

It was this verse, along with a need for an additional stream of income that led Martin Bailey to begin his company. He named the company “The Voice of Triumph” because he believes that God called on him to use his voice. And use his voice he does. Martin’s company specializes in voiceovers, but he provides his customers so much more. He creates commercials, writes specialty content and records voiceovers for entrepreneurs and business owners in South Carolina. His commitment to quality has made his business very successful in a short amount of time.

The business launched in October 2017, but Martin’s been on this path for as long as he can remember. At an early age he had a fascination with words. “While growing up in East Orange New Jersey, he would watch and listen closely to the news broadcast. I did this not necessarily for content, but as a result of my fascination for the way the newscasters spoke. The cadence and tone of news reporters and radio hosts has always fascinated me,” he says. While in school, he realized he had the ability to copy or mimic certain voices and would often copy the voices of his favorite on air personality, newscaster or teacher. This ability would be a huge benefit to him later in life.

After graduating high school, Martin enlisted in the Army reserves. After one year, he transitioned to active duty status. During his time there, he was often complimented on the sound of his voice. People would even ask him if he had worked in radio before. Though he enjoyed listening to news and radio, he never saw it as anything more than that. Little did he know that a seed had been planted.

Martin went on to retire from the Army after 20 years of service. He later moved to South Carolina and landed a position working with a health insurance carrier. In this position, he spent a lot of time talking to his customers on the phone. Again, people would consistently compliment him on his voice and ask if he’d ever worked in radio.

Things were going well, until they weren’t. Martin went through a difficult separation and divorce in 2017. After the divorce, money was tight, and he needed additional income. While trying to figure out what to do on his own, Martin says he was overcome by God’s presence. “I heard the voice of God telling me to use my voice or perish. God told me that if I did not do something, I would not be able to survive,” he says. The light bulbs were starting to go off in Martin’s head.
He realized that he was able to create an additional stream of income by using his voice to do voice-overs and commercials for others. That is how the voice-over business was born. He created a demo with Chris Clay at Nu Soul Productions in Charlotte N.C. He then shopped the demo with entrepreneurs, business owners and local professionals, hoping to get some leads. His first client referred him to others who needed voice-over services. Through word of mouth, his clientele grew. He testifies that by going through and surviving his own personal nightmare, a divorce and financial crisis, played a huge role in preparing him to be live his dream.

After the business was launched, Martin settled into building his brand. After having a conversation with one of his coworkers, the trajectory of his life would change once again. His coworker just so happened to be interning at a local gospel radio station and knew about Martin’s voice-over business. She encouraged him to apply for a position there also. Now things were really coming together. Martin went to the radio station and applied for a position. Once they heard his voice, Martin was soon presented with a job offer. In December 2017, he began his training with WVFM 95.3 FM. In March 2018, Martin was hired on as a weekend radio host.

2017 was just the beginning for Martin. In 2018, he established himself as an entrepreneur and savvy business man. So, what’s next for him in 2019? We should expect to hear more of Martin’s voice throughout North and South Carolina, and beyond. Though his future appears to be very bright, Martin desires to be exclusive, so we will just have to wait and see…or in the case of the Voice of Triumph, we will have to wait and listen

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