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by Terry Watson | July 15th, 2015
Mary Ann Adams (Photo by Mykel Media Company)

Mary Ann Adams (Photo by Mykel Media Company)

Mary Ann Adams is the primary owner of T/E Accounting & Tax Services, LLC., Los Taxes T/E and Los Taxes Uno Plus Tax Centers. They are a full service, year-round tax office that specializes in helping individuals, small-to-medium size companies, and non-profit organizations in tax preparation, and planning.

T/E and the Los Taxes Centers provide services to individuals, partnerships, S and C corporations and non-profit organizations in completing and filing their tax returns (1040’s, 1065’s, 1120’s and 1120S, 990’s). They also, provide representation services to individuals, corporations, and non-profit organizations who find themselves in tax trouble, facing IRS collection action, tax audits, liens and levy, and appeals for collection or examination.

T/E provides accounting services such as overseeing and managing client(s) accounts receivable, accounts payable, invoicing, general ledger entries, payroll services, and asset management. They also offer monthly reconciliation, quarterly returns and reports, budgeting and forecasting, financial statements, and other core accounting functions to meet the needs of their growing list of clients.

Adams is an Enrolled Agent and is licensed to practice before the Internal Revenue Service. As an Enrolled Agent, she is unrestricted as to which taxpayers she can represent, what types of tax matters she can handle, and the IRS offices which she can practice at. She is also HUB certified as minority business owner.

Her career as a tax consultant started over ten years ago when she got audited by the Internal Revenue Service. Her career in accounting started over thirty year ago when she served as a Box Office Accountant for Madison Square Garden in New York. Through the years she has had various positions in a variety of industries.

Currently, Adams has over twenty years of experience in accounting, budgeting, financial analyst, and auditing. Additionally, she has ten years of experience as a tax manager and preparer and serves as a tax instructor. She holds two Bachelor of Science degrees in Business Administration and Accounting and a Master of Science in Accounting Information Systems.

Adams has a natural inclination to help others. Adams implies that she approaches each client with a deserving level of compassion and appreciation, knowing that they have the opportunity to take their business anywhere, but by selecting T/E, she has a duty to fulfill the promises of great customer service to them.

Adams says she is inspired by God, her mother, and children. “They are the individuals that impacted my life the most and have taught me to have faith and to follow my dreams,” she says. God taught her to have faith after her son was involved in a car accident and was told he would never talk or walk again. Last year her son gave Adams her youngest grandchild. “Sometimes you never know how someone might impact your life or what challenge you may face, but if you have faith you can accomplish anything,” says Adams.

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