Math Knowledge 2011

by Terry Watson | May 6th, 2011
Sheanna Bonner

Sheanna Bonner (Photo by Greg Coats)

All of the qualities needed to validate Sheanna Bonner, she possesses. Loving, energetic, motivated and ambitious; Bonner is an individual who loves animals just as much as she does helping others. A native of Washington, NC she says she was raised in a home where it was important to exhibit these qualities in addition to being respectful, trustworthy and independent.

She describes herself as an extrovert who enjoys spending time with family and friends as well as meeting new people. However, Bonner has enhanced the lives of many others by sharing her gift and love of math. After graduating from Washington High School, Bonner attended Elizabeth City State University and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics with a concentration in Computer Science. Even as she worked five days a week and tutored on campus, she was able to graduate with honors. Recently she has earned her Middle Grades Math teaching license and credentials from North Carolina A & T State University. As a licensed middle grades math teacher she has also earned a Post-baccalaureate degree in Business Administration from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

After teaching Algebra with Guilford County Schools, and later working as a research & data analyst for Performa Higher Education in Burlington, Bonner says she decided to be obedient and respond to the vision God gave her the first day she stepped into a classroom to teach. “The vision was to have my own tutoring business. It has taken a number of years to manifest because God hasn’t always been the Alpha and Omega in my life,” says Bonner. “God broke me down and built me back up into the vessel I needed to be to do His work.”

After being laid off from her job as an analyst she soon launched her own business, MathKnowledge 2011. “God gave me the name MathKnowledge and the ‘2011’ represents the year of manifestation of the vision,” says Bonner. MathKnowledge2011 is a tutoring and educational business, specializing in mathematics, reading comprehension, and test-taking skills and strategies. The mission statement is to provide educational empowerment to students of all ages. The goal is to offer education to students that goes far beyond passing a test. Bonner says, “students will be equipped and empowered to be model citizens and achieve personal, spiritual, and professional goals through education. These goals are achievable when the proper level, style and type of education is offered.”

MathKnowledge 2011 is built on one-on-one instruction. Also described as differentiated instruction (educating a student based on how he/she learns best), it also includes hands-on learning or more visual learning, instead of just paper & pencil. “MathKnowledge2011 takes a holistic approach to education,” says Bonner. “Educating a student is not possible without student motivation and a desire to learn. It also takes the support & efforts of the parent(s), family and teachers, as well as me to achieve maximum educational empowerment.”

Some of the services provided by Bonner include tutoring in math, reading comprehension, writing, and other subjects. She also offers assistance and tutoring in certification courses (i.e. Algebra for LPN certification) and Continuing Education courses. In addition to providing test taking skills and test preparation services to her clients, Bonner also offers preparation/education for the next school year or course. Her typical clients are higher-level/high-performing students who just need a little more assistance to master concepts.

MathKnowledge 2011 is able to provide a safe, caring Christian environment for young adult students whose parents may be single, married and working while balancing their work and home life. Bonner says many busy parents are concerned with their childs academics but lack the time needed to help them. She


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