Mattress Go Round

by Terry Watson | July 11th, 2013
Robert Savino

Robert Savino (Photo by Howard Gaither)

Mattress Go Round is a mattress manufacturing company based in Greensboro, N.C. that specializes in college dorm and residential restorations. They deliver factory-fresh and hygienic new and refurbished mattresses, with all-new components. Their refurbished mattresses contain all new fillers and covers, and re-use only strictly sanitized inner springs, composed of 312-coil count Bonnel inner springs with 13-gauge coil wire, and a 6-gauge border wire.

MGR is lead by Robert Savino. He got his start as a successful business man and entrepreneur as a young man in New Jersey. He had a very fast paced way of doing business and has survived by never letting a good opportunity pass him. He is also recognized for his ability to see a problem and unconventionally execute solutions.

In 2009, while mentoring students at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro’s Bryan School of Business in dorm room design, Savino says one question seemed to constantly arise; What about the mattress’s and what should we do with them? Intrigued, Savino began to research and applied his very own brand of innovations. With several bouts of trial and error, the savvy Savino found a solution. His answer was Mattress Go Round.

Mattresses create a huge problem for landfills. They do not decompose well and take up valuable space (an average of 23 cubic feet per mattress). They are not compactible and the innersprings get wound up in the axles of landfill equipment. Increasingly, landfill operators are charging higher tipping fees for mattresses, or banning them outright. MGR recycles or reuses all of the components of old mattresses and has proven to be the common-sense solution to a big and growing problem.

MGR employs a unique combination of manufacturing and recycling. They produce sustainable mattresses for less. Their patented process takes the pressure off landfills and reduces the carbon footprint left by traditional methods. They have repurposed the abandoned Cone Mills textile facility as their factory and utilize sustainable processes whenever possible. They are also a partner of Welfare Reform Liaison Project, a Greensboro-based welfare-to-work agency, which means that we employ the previously unemployable.

Eugene Fewell of the Upholstery Doctor has partnered with MGR, which adds additional recycling capabilities. Located in the same industrial lot, Fewell specialities are bringing life back to old and damaged furniture. “Nothing is more beautiful than taking a badly damaged item and rescuing it. Watching it being restored, layer by layer, to its original or even better condition is what makes my job all worth it,” he says. He is able to recycle old furniture by recovering it with new fabrics, leathers and cushions. “Whatever the costumer needs to make the furniture look better than new,” he says.

Together, MGR and Fewell are able to provide college and universities with restored furniture and mattresses, which in turn saves the schools thousands of dollars they would otherwise have spent on new items. They are also sparing land fills of material that would otherwise be discarded. Contact MGR or Fewell today to purchase your next mattress or piece of furniture. New, but yet restored and recycled

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