Meet Nina and Maurice Clark: Greenville’s Power Couple

Dawn Cauthen-Thornton | November 14th, 2018
Maurice and Nina Clark (Photos by B. Smith Photography)

Maurice and Nina Clark (Photos by B. Smith Photography)

There is a long-running joke proclaiming that couples who work together often see a demise in their marriage long before a couple that works separately. There are the hours of being inseparable, the tough decision-making, and the flared tempers when an issue arises. Well, the owners of Clark Enterprises, LLC, Nina and Maurice Clark are setting an example on how the partnership should be executed successfully.

The haute couple have been married for 20 years and their parent company, Clark Enterprises, LLC, a corporation Nina describes as aiming to help and empower others to be all that God created them to be and to fulfill their purpose allowing them to walk with confidence, was started the same year. Over time, both Nina and Maurice have ventured into new territory but always found themselves in the same space. The power couple has been educating their community in Greenville, SC (and surrounding areas) on style, beauty, business, and health, and currently have big plans up their fashionable sleeves.

Nina, is a 25-year licensed cosmetologist but has an affinity for beautiful clothing and accessories. “One day at church, another member complimented me on my style. She admired the way I dressed and carried myself and asked if I could help her,” Nina explains. That lone interaction led to her helping others in the same way, and in 2010 ‘House of NinaAnin’ was born.

Over the years, the entrepreneur has grown her baby into a well-known and respected name. In addition to being a hair stylist, she has added certified personal stylist, personal shopper, business coach, motivational speaker, and healthy lifestyle advocate to her list of titles. Though it’s not required, Nina decided to become certified through Trendimi Academy, an accredited program that offers courses in many different genres.

‘House of NinaAnin’ offers a myriad of options from which to choose. Her most requested is the closet styling, which consists of combing through a client’s closet and deciding what to keep, what to donate, and what to toss, then coordinating the pieces without spending a dime on new items. But don’t worry, she takes on clients with many different stories. “I’ve advised the stay-at-home mom who’s ready to get back into the workforce, the woman who has changed careers, or someone who just wants a different wardrobe.” Simply put, she specializes in looks for the everyday woman.
What sets Nina apart from many stylists, is she offers hair salon setup and decoration along with small business coaching. Majoring in Business Marketing at Claflin University not only prepared her to pursue her own passion, but qualified her to help other budding business owners fulfill their dreams.

Nina solely credits the matriarch of her family as being her absolute biggest inspiration. “My mother taught me how to be a lady. She taught me how to show respect, how to have manners, good etiquette, and most importantly, the value of a good slip,” she laughs. Nina proudly admits to still wearing a slip under her garments that need it. Many women, myself included, abandoned that habit decades ago when it was considered ‘old-fashioned’. Nina fondly remembers the images of beautiful black women gracing the pages of Ebony magazine as a child and aspired to look as polished and ‘put-together’ as they did.

Now she’s lending her expertise to publications such as Sheen magazine, Masterpiece magazine, and The Greenville Link and plans to collaborate with many more soon. Maybe one day we’ll see her looks in Ebony.

The St. Petersburg, FL native doesn’t just focus on outward appearance, but wants to make sure her clients are internally fit. In 2013, Nina was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. She obviously needed to make some health changes of her own and turned to nutritional supplements and a detoxifying tea that she still uses and sells today. She saw such a difference in her overall health that she became a Health and Wellness Ambassador for Total Life Change and has since become a 5-figure earner, along with her husband.

Maurice has not let Nina outdo him, however. In 2012, he set out on his own journey and launched ‘Distinguished Gentleman Styling’. Nina admits that people constantly ask them both if she dresses her husband, and they both answer with a resounding ‘No.’ Next year, the duo plan to host Kings & Queens Style and Life Academy that will offer the art of tying a tie, the value in good etiquette, interview styling, closet styling, and more. In November, Nina will proudly release her first book entitled, ‘Closet Styling: Essential Pieces Every Woman Should Have in Her Closet”.

Her popular fashion shows, dubbed, ‘Styling in the City’ have led to her hosting events like ‘Upstate Women in Business’, and a fundraising fashion show event for Miracle Hill Ministries in Spartanburg. Miracle Hill is well known for aiding the homeless and the less fortunate population.
Nina praises her family and church family for helping her rise to where she is today. Most of all, she thanks God for her overall success. “I would advise others who want to step out and run a business to put God first. Then have a plan. Write down your vision.” With these words to live by, there is no wonder that Nina is blazing a trail.

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