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Dr. Marrissa Dick | January 16th, 2018
Mavis Peaks (Photo by Jerry Barbry)

Mavis Peaks (Photo by Jerry Barbry)

Dreams do come true. Just ask Mavis Peaks, owner and operator of Endivo Hair Gallery in Durham, North Carolina. “Since the age of four I have been fascinated with hair. I used to play with my mom’s hair all the time. I remember when Vaseline and spit were my go to products for doing her hair,” Mavis chuckles. Most people can remember back in the day when Diana Ross was “The Boss” and the world was fascinated with her heavy mane of hair and little Mavis was no different. She shares, “I fell in love with Diana Ross and after watching her receive the Diva Award on MTV I knew when I got older I was going to have my own hair salon.”

All through middle and high school Mavis recalls perfecting her craft as a hair stylist as her mother allowed company to visit her at home. Not only did she continue thinking about obtaining her own salon, but she also wondered how she was going to pay for it all. At the time Mavis assumed that stylists didn’t earn much money doing hair so instead of following her dream after graduating from high school she chose to study law. It didn’t take her long before she realized that being an attorney wasn’t in the cards for her, so she chose a career in information technology, instead.

Needless to say, her second choice didn’t sit well with her either. While reflecting on her future Mavis realized that even though she had tried other career paths she was still doing hair on the side. Thank goodness Mavis was blessed with a mother who afforded her a third opportunity to get it right. She recalls her mother saying, “This will be your last opportunity, what do you want to do?” So, she told her mother that she wanted to attend beauty school. She is grateful that her mother supported her endeavor of becoming a licensed cosmologist. Since her initial licensure, Mavis has completed Honors Beauty College and then continued her certification at one of the premier beauty accredited institutions, Dudley’s Beauty University.

Now that she had credentials in hand and had garnered experience by working under the tutelage of seasoned stylists in the industry, Mavis began working on acquiring her own hair salon with her husband, Michael Peaks, Sr. She quickly realized that the process was not going to be an easy undertaking. She says, “We’ve been in business for 20 years and counting. I quickly learned that any process you start isn’t going to be easy. Opening the salon involved a lot of blood, sweat, and tears.” The process she’s referring to is launching Endivo Hair Gallery and being newly married while trying to understand the role of being a wife and mother. Not to mention the financial responsibility involved. Mavis recalls, “We made a lot of sacrifices, but my husband was my backbone. He was my support system. It was really hard and sometimes when I wanted to give up he was like, ‘No this is your dream and you’re going to continue with it. We don’t give up in this family. We keep pushing through and we’ll see the rewards in the end.’ That was his motto so, I kept pressing.” Thank goodness for Mavis that she was blessed with a Philippians 3:14 man, “I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” Mavis asserts that her husband wouldn’t allow her to give up. He constantly reminded her that she would reap the benefits of the sacrifice and for her to look for the light at the end of the tunnel. Fortunately, Mavis saw that light at the end of the tunnel as her clientele grew through word of mouth within her community.

As a humanitarian Mavis utilizes her God given talent as a ministry for her community. Endivo Hair Gallery has opened its doors to partner with cancer organizations, Dress for Success, and Back to School initiatives. She shares, “We partner with several organizations and give our services back to the community because we’re a part of them. We open our doors to the underprivileged kids in the community and we adopt families. I believe we make a difference for those we assist.” Mavis believes that it’s particularly important to give back because God has blessed her with the ability to “transform” the consumer. When they come in they look one way but when they leave out of Endivo they look another way. Though she doesn’t expect special thanks for her services she is excited when those she has assisted come back with positive feedback saying, “Hey I got the job! Dress for Success gave me the clothes and you did my hair!” or seeing the smiles on the young girls faces knowing they can go to school with their hair done. Those types of acknowledgements remind her that she and her stylists do make a difference because they are helping others feel good about themselves and helping them achieve their next mile stone in life.

So, what happens when you wake up one day and it seems as though putting God first in your life, and your good works are counted as a burnt sacrifice? Mavis shares, “I’ve gone through many obstacles in my life and these obstacles have taught me how to get back up once you’ve been knocked down. First, I lost my mother then I turned around and lost my husband. I didn’t know how to handle any of that. Those were the two-major people in my life, my biggest supporters. Of course, my mom was always there to help me keep things balanced, but then turning around and losing my husband after 19-years of marriage. He was my soulmate. He’s the father of my two children, Michael Jr. and Madison. What do you do with that? I didn’t know where to go or who I could turn to for the type of emotional stability they provided for me. Don’t get me wrong, I received great support from my stylists, our family and friends, my community and my clients but I had

 a hard time processing what had just happened to me. And then dealing with people telling me ‘he’s in a better place and God doesn’t make any mistakes’ well at the time I felt He had made a mistake. Here I am in my mid-forties with the loss of my mother and my husband and two children to raise alone. I didn’t believe God needed my mother or my husband up there with Him. They were needed here with me. I mean I had sunken into a deep dark place. I couldn’t go to work; I just couldn’t move.”

A month had past and Mavis began reflecting upon her life. She began reading The Purpose Driven Life which gave her inspiration and direction. She is also thankful for those who were praying for her and her children because she believes it’s through those prayers that God allowed divine intervention to take place. According to Mavis, “My husband came to me and said, ‘Get up Mavis! I will see you on the other side one day! Get up!’ and I got up. It was a struggle, but I knew I had to figure out a new purpose and direction for my life. Death knocked me down and I know this may sound so cliché’ but what the devil meant for my bad God meant for my good. So, I got up so my children could get up and get it together too.” Talk about a testimony. Leaning on the Lord daily Mrs. Mavis Peaks is standing, and Endivo Hair Gallery and its’ stylists remain standing strong, too.

Pressing through is what Mavis and her stylists do best. Their motto is “Look Good Feel Even Better.” From the moment clients enter through the doors of Endivo Hair Gallery they receive a WOW experience. Mavis asserts, “We make sure that we give each guest a WOW experience. We cater to all their needs while they are with us from the beginning to the middle to when they check out. Our customer service is one of the attractions we’re known for.” Another attribute Endivo Hair Gallery stylists are known for is understanding that, “Your look is something to be found, not created. Endivo’s legendary hair stylists have been trained to find the clients look, exploit their best attributes, and adapt their hair styles to the client’s personality and lifestyle.” They specialize in working with the topical portion of alopecia and they also provide make-up applications. Any of these services can be garnered seven days a week.

Mavis would like to thank all those who have stood by her through her trials and tribulations. For those who may be enduring hardships in life her words of encouragement and wisdom are simple, “First of all you have to put God first in everything you do no matter what happens. My husband was a firm believer in that and I am too. Secondly, you don’t always have to reinvent the wheel, but you do have to go in and make the necessary changes that are going to benefit you. The one thing my husband taught me was that the only thing I’m responsible for is today. What I did yesterday is already gone and time waits for no one. If you look at yourself 10 or 15 years from now and you’re still doing the same thing and haven’t changed your situation or reinvented yourself then that’s on you and I understand that now.”

Mavis Peaks is complimented by a very talented and dedicated cast of stylist. Shakira Clark has worked in the salon industry for over 23 years. She is a graduate of Dudley Beauty College in Durham, NC. She specializes in weaving services and natural hair blowouts. She is also an educator and celebrity stylist. Shakira is passionate about teaching upcoming beauty professionals and sharing her knowledge about the beauty industry. Her children are her biggest supporters and motivation. She enjoys inspiring single mothers in becoming entrepreneurs and encourages them to follow their dreams. Shakira believes that with God all things are possible, and she’ll be walking into her divine purpose in 2018. She also looks forward to changing the lives of the clients she serves one head at a time.

Nichole H. Echard has been a professional stylist for 26 years. She is a graduate of Dudley Cosmetology School in Kernersville, NC. She specializes in permanent waves, coloring techniques, relaxing, cutting and updos – waves. Her children are her joy. She is passionate about watching the transformation of her clients as she has serviced them over the years. She is humbled by their continued support. Nichole provides some keys to success that all stylists could glean. She believes that stylists should be professional, make their clients feel good from beginning to end, have a genuine attitude, and definitely have a good reputation. She reminds us all that clients sit in your chair because they want to.

Leah Hill has 30 years of hair styling experience. She is a graduate of Eastern Montgomery Community Technical School in Willow Grove, PA. She specializes in relaxers, coloring, cutting, and giving the hair and scalp the attention needed to maintain healthiness and flexibility. The one thing she really enjoys about the beauty industry is that stylists can make their own work schedule. She is grateful to her mother for all the support she has provided for her and also is appreciative of the relationships she has established with her clients over the years.

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